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If you have taken the OET test and you are not satisfied with the results, you might want to consider re-marking. This evaluation process can be requested by candidates who have doubts regarding the accuracy of their sub-test results. The main idea is that all OET candidates benefit from a fair and transparent grading process. In the situation that an error has occurred, such requests can be helpful in identifying any mistakes and correcting them as soon as it is possible.

What is the process?

The most important thing to remember is that the re-marking request must be made no later than five days after the online publishing of the results. You will have to submit a re-marking form, providing additional information on the reason for which you are demanding the renewed evaluation.

Upon the re-marking form being received, your performance will be re-assessed by two assessors. These professionals have nothing to do with the original evaluation, nor do they possess information regarding your previous OET exam grades. Each of the assessors will grade the desired sub-test(s) independently. The difference between the original and re-marked sub-tests will be assessed by the OET Assessment Manager.

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In the situation your grade has been changed, the online results will be updated, along with your online profile. You will receive a new statement of results as well, as part of the process.

What are the costs involved?

For each sub-test that is going to be re-marked, you will have to pay a fee of $120. If the new assessment causes a change in the grade, you will be refunded all paid fees. The purpose of these fees is to cover obvious administrative costs, such as the one of hiring the assessors.

How long does the re-marking take?

From the moment the re-marking form has been received, you can expect for a final decision to be made within six weeks. You will be sent a notification regarding the re-marking by mail.

What else should I know?

Even though your sub-tests will be re-assessed, this does not mean you will receive qualitative feedback regarding your OET performance. If you decide to take another OET exam during the re-evaluation, it is essential to know that your costs will not be refunded, even if the grade changes.

If you decide that you want to give up the re-evaluation, it is worth knowing that you will not receive any refunds. Also, the results will not be published online. The final results cannot be reversed and re-marking requests can only be made personally by candidates.

Is the re-evaluation worth it?

The re-evaluation is a good idea, in the situation you are not sure about the accuracy of the results. You can also appeal the re-marking results, paying a fee of $120 for each of the two stages. For more information on the OET exam appeal, you can check out the Appeals Policy.

If you believe, you deserved a better grade in your writing, then before re-evaluating, you can try our OET Writing Correction service to get an estimated grade on your letter with our expert OET teachers. You can find out more information about Benchmark OET Writing Correction here

With regard to listening and reading, scope of grade improving is minimal as both modules are objective and examiners rarely mistake in calculating marks. Instead a better approach is to use our Reading Practice Tests to improve your reading skills further.

A final note

The OET exam re-marking is valid only for the current test you have taken and not for older ones. You will have to complete a form, stating your reasons for making such a request and wait for the final decision to be delivered by mail. The decision for re-evaluation is 100% yours and it should be based on the desire for a fair assessment of your test results.

17 thoughts on “OET Exam Re-Evaluation Essential Guide”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have taken OET exam in October & i got my results today. I got B in 3 components except in writing, i got C+(300)
    but i strongly believe i deserve B grade in writing too. Should i apply for re-marking ? .What is the success rate for getting higher grade in re-marking of writing subtest & will there be increase in marks of 50,i mean from 300 to 350 to get B grade from C+ grade .

    I have written around 240+ words in writing subtest ,but no grammatical error as far as i can remember .

    1. Hi,

      Sorry to know you couldn’t achieve 350. Re-evaluation is an option but remember there may be a few weeks involved and the cost can be high – you need to check both. I won’t comment on your grammatical accuracy but an increase of 50 points via re-evaluation may not be very easy. Nevertheless, if you are confident that you satisfied all the criteria then you should definitely go for re-assessment. Alternatively, use OET Writing Correction service to identify your weak areas and improve those: https://edubenchmark.com/oet-writing-correction

    2. HI I got the same B’s and C+ in writing , but while applying for re-evaluation I couldn’t find the form , it just appears “The re-marking applications are now closed”, although there is still time available. Can you please guide do i have to pay the re-evaluation fee first than form appears or I just miss the train for re-evaluation.

  2. Thanks

    My wife is preparing for OET Exam, i believe here she can learn and prepare more well way with your OET writing correction services..

  3. Sir I have got 3 bs but listening was 320 c+ will there be a scope for me in revaluation I strongly believe that I deserve a score because the exam was easy for me

    1. As much as I would love to say Yes, I don’t think reevaluation will yield any positive results. Listening section is more or less objective now. You should focus on taking the test again.

  4. Sir I took let reexam on Nov 3 but it seem to be difficult than the prior exam . Listening was difficult in that session . Now easy waiting for results I thought revaluation can yield my expected since I need 4bs for UK visa

  5. i am one of your student, from yourcwriting corrections i got c+ and b, but my exam result was C for writing … should i go for a remark

    1. Hi, Your real result is consistent with what Benchmark teachers used to give you for your letters. We recommend practicing more than trying your luck with reevaluation. Cheers

  6. I wrote oet exam on December 2 and today my result came. Is it possible for me to apply for revaluation along with new exam date on February.

  7. I have got 3BS( 390/380/390) , except in writing i got 300. but i remember that i finished 10 minutes earlier so i reviewed my word count , around 190 words. i also checked my commas , capital letters and i was confident about my inclusion criteria.
    i still remember what i wrote so can i send it to you so you can tell me where i went wrong ?

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