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If you have taken the OET test and you are not satisfied with the results, you might want to consider re-marking. This evaluation process can be requested by candidates who have doubts regarding the accuracy of their sub-test results. The main idea is that all OET candidates benefit from a fair and transparent grading process. In the situation that an error has occurred, such requests can be helpful in identifying any mistakes and correcting them as soon as it is possible.

What is the process?

The most important thing to remember is that the re-marking request must be made no later than five days after the online publishing of the results. You will have to submit a re-marking form, providing additional information on the reason for which you are demanding the renewed evaluation.

Upon the re-marking form being received, your performance will be re-assessed by two assessors. These professionals have nothing to do with the original evaluation, nor do they possess information regarding your previous OET exam grades. Each of the assessors will grade the desired sub-test(s) independently. The difference between the original and re-marked sub-tests will be assessed by the OET Assessment Manager.

OET Writing

In the situation your grade has been changed, the online results will be updated, along with your online profile. You will receive a new statement of results as well, as part of the process.

What are the costs involved?

For each sub-test that is going to be re-marked, you will have to pay a fee of $120. If the new assessment causes a change in the grade, you will be refunded all paid fees. The purpose of these fees is to cover obvious administrative costs, such as the one of hiring the assessors.

How long does the re-marking take?

From the moment the re-marking form has been received, you can expect for a final decision to be made within six weeks. You will be sent a notification regarding the re-marking by mail.

Below is the re-marking schedule

Test Result Ra-mark Deadline Re-mark Result
7 DEC 19 Mon, 6 Jan 20 Sat, 11 Jan Mon, 17 Feb 20
11 Jan 20 Fri, 31 Jan 20 Wed, 5 Feb Wed, 4 Mar 20
8 Feb 20 Thu, 27 Feb 20 Tue, 3 Mar Thu, 2 Apr 20
7 Mar 20 Fri, 27 Mar 20 Wed, 1 Apr Fri, 24 Apr 20
21 Mar 20 Thu, 9 Apr 20 Tue, 14 Apr Tue, 5 May 20
4 Apr 20 Tue, 28 Apr 20 Sun, 3 May Tue, 26 May 20
19 Apr 20 Thu, 7 May 20 Tue, 12 May Wed, 10 Jun 20
2 May 20 Thu, 21 May 20 Tue, 26 May Tue, 30 Jun 20
16 May 20 Thu, 4 Jun 20 Tue, 9 Jun Tue, 14 Jul 20
13 Jun 20 Thu, 2 Jul 20 Tue, 7 Jul Fri, 7 Aug 20
27 Jun 20 Thu, 16 Jul 20 Tue, 21 Jul Tue, 18 Aug 20
11 Jul 20 Thu, 30 Jul 20 Tue, 4 Aug Thu, 3 Sept 20
25 Jul 20 Thu, 13 Aug 20 Tue, 18 Aug Thu, 17 Sept 20
8 Aug 20 Thu, 27 Aug 20 Tue, 1 Sept Wed, 30 Sept 20
22 Aug 20 Thu, 10 Sept 20 Tue, 15 Sept Tue, 20 Oct 20
12 Sept 20 Thu, 1 Oct 20 Tue, 6 Oct Thu, 5 Nov 20
26 Sept 20 Thu, 15 Oct 20 Tue, 20 Oct Wed, 18 Nov 20
11 Oct 20 Thu, 29 Oct 20 Tue, 3 Nov Wed, 2 Dec 20
24 Oct 20 Fri, 13 Nov 20 Wed, 18 Nov Wed, 16 Dec 20
7 Nov 20 Thu, 26 Nov 20 Tue, 1 Dec Wed, 30 Dec 20
21 Nov 20 Thu, 10 Dec 20 Tue, 15 Dec Fri, 22 Jan 2021
5 Dec 20 Tue, 5 Jan 2021 Sun, 10 Jan Tue, 9 Feb 2021
19 Dec 20 Wed, 27 Jan 2021 Mon, 1 Feb Tue, 2 Mar 2021

What else should I know?

Even though your sub-tests will be re-assessed, this does not mean you will receive qualitative feedback regarding your OET performance. If you decide to take another OET exam during the re-evaluation, it is essential to know that your costs will not be refunded, even if the grade changes.

If you decide that you want to give up the re-evaluation, it is worth knowing that you will not receive any refunds. Also, the results will not be published online. The final results cannot be reversed and re-marking requests can only be made personally by candidates.

Is the re-evaluation worth it?

The re-evaluation is a good idea, in the situation you are not sure about the accuracy of the results. You can also appeal the re-marking results, paying a fee of $120 for each of the two stages. For more information on the OET exam appeal, you can check out the Appeals Policy.

If you believe, you deserved a better grade in your writing, then before re-evaluating, you can try our OET Writing Correction service to get an estimated grade on your letter with our expert OET teachers. You can find out more information about Benchmark OET Writing Correction here

With regard to listening and reading, scope of grade improving is minimal as both modules are objective and examiners rarely mistake in calculating marks. Instead a better approach is to use our Reading Practice Tests to improve your reading skills further.

A final note

The OET exam re-marking is valid only for the current test you have taken and not for older ones. You will have to complete a form, stating your reasons for making such a request and wait for the final decision to be delivered by mail. The decision for re-evaluation is 100% yours and it should be based on the desire for a fair assessment of your test results.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have taken OET exam in October & i got my results today. I got B in 3 components except in writing, i got C+(300)
    but i strongly believe i deserve B grade in writing too. Should i apply for re-marking ? .What is the success rate for getting higher grade in re-marking of writing subtest & will there be increase in marks of 50,i mean from 300 to 350 to get B grade from C+ grade .

    I have written around 240+ words in writing subtest ,but no grammatical error as far as i can remember .

    1. Hi,

      Sorry to know you couldn’t achieve 350. Re-evaluation is an option but remember there may be a few weeks involved and the cost can be high – you need to check both. I won’t comment on your grammatical accuracy but an increase of 50 points via re-evaluation may not be very easy. Nevertheless, if you are confident that you satisfied all the criteria then you should definitely go for re-assessment. Alternatively, use OET Writing Correction service to identify your weak areas and improve those: https://edubenchmark.com/oet-writing-correction

    2. HI I got the same B’s and C+ in writing , but while applying for re-evaluation I couldn’t find the form , it just appears “The re-marking applications are now closed”, although there is still time available. Can you please guide do i have to pay the re-evaluation fee first than form appears or I just miss the train for re-evaluation.

  2. Thanks

    My wife is preparing for OET Exam, i believe here she can learn and prepare more well way with your OET writing correction services..

  3. Sir I have got 3 bs but listening was 320 c+ will there be a scope for me in revaluation I strongly believe that I deserve a score because the exam was easy for me

    1. As much as I would love to say Yes, I don’t think reevaluation will yield any positive results. Listening section is more or less objective now. You should focus on taking the test again.

  4. Sir I took let reexam on Nov 3 but it seem to be difficult than the prior exam . Listening was difficult in that session . Now easy waiting for results I thought revaluation can yield my expected since I need 4bs for UK visa

  5. i am one of your student, from yourcwriting corrections i got c+ and b, but my exam result was C for writing … should i go for a remark

    1. Hi, Your real result is consistent with what Benchmark teachers used to give you for your letters. We recommend practicing more than trying your luck with reevaluation. Cheers

  6. I wrote oet exam on December 2 and today my result came. Is it possible for me to apply for revaluation along with new exam date on February.

  7. I got B’s except in Speaking (320). I asked for remarking… is there a greater possibility of increasing my score to 350? Thank you.

  8. I have got 3BS( 390/380/390) , except in writing i got 300. but i remember that i finished 10 minutes earlier so i reviewed my word count , around 190 words. i also checked my commas , capital letters and i was confident about my inclusion criteria.
    i still remember what i wrote so can i send it to you so you can tell me where i went wrong ?

  9. I have got 3 Bs except writing I got 260 and .. I applied for remarking . Is there any chance to get b on that. I strongly believe deserve for b on writing…

    1. as much as we would love to see you achieving 350 in writing, a jump of 90 scores is not very common. However, if you believe your writing skills, then there is no hard in reevaluation.

      1. I gor Bs in all except writing 280, but i think i have written in correct way . Is there chances of me to get B ? should i go for reevalaution ?

  10. Hi!! I took my oet exam last feb 2, 2019 and I got B in writing, listening and reading however I only got C+ (320) in speaking. At the time of my exam the condition of my voice was bad, my voice was hoarse however I was able to communicate. Do you think remarking for this subtest is worth it?

  11. Hi there ,my test results were L -B,W-B ,R-A . Unfortunately my speaking grade was 300 . Is it worth giving for speaking re-evaluation ?

  12. Hi, my I got 360 in writing, 380 in speaking, 310 in Listening, 280 in reading. I need 300 in reading. any suggestions. Should I go for reevaluation?

  13. Hey! I just got my results. I got 360 in speaking, 450 in listening, 410 in reading and 300 in writing. Should i go for a remark?

    1. You can, but ask yourself if you are confident that you wrote a good letter. If not, then improve your skills further as the re-evaluation process is time consuming and can be disappointing as well.

  14. Hi I just received my test results today and it was upsetting cause I got 280 in my writing and got a score of 430 in listening, 390 in speaking and 350 in reading. Do u think I should consider re marking. Thank you.

  15. Hello. I took the exam last feb 23 and I got B in 3 subtest except in writing C(280). I want to go for remarkings. I remember i have a lot of erasures which presents messy handwritten but grammars are correct and ideas are continous. Is it possible to get a C+ or hopefully B?

  16. SIR,

    1. A jump of 70 scores is a tall order. If you still believe you deserve 350 or more, only then go for re-evaluation. Compare your performance with our writing correction service and see if you need more practice.

  17. Hi sir, my results came yesterday. And I got Bfor writing reading and listening. Unfortunately my speaking grade was 340.Is there any chance to get 350 through revaluation.

    1. I’m at similar situation like u scored b in all modules except in speaking 340…what is ur suggestion for remarking??

    1. Hello, I want to know did you go re-evaluation? If Yes, How was your result?
      because i also got 340 in speaking and i want know that is it worth for re-evaluation.

    1. remarking can only be useful in case of writing and speaking, but listening and reading do not offer such hope. you should book another exam instead

  18. Hi i got my oet result today. I got 300 only in writing. But i am confident in my writing sub test. Even my word count is below 200. Is it worth to go for revaluation?

    1. Hi i got B in writing, speaking and listening however my score in reading is 290.. i need a 300 (C+) for this. It is possible to increase to 300 after re-evaluation??

  19. hi
    I got 400 each in speaking and reading, 360 in listening but 280 in writing. Do yiu think I can demand remarking in writing to get 350?

  20. Hi sir, I got my oet result today. I got grade B in writing, reading and listening. Unfortunately, my speaking score was 280 only. Is it worth to go for remarking?

  21. I got 350 in speaking, 300 each in reading and listening but 280 in writing. Is it vice to remarking for writing?

    1. nope, you can have both, but we don’t think you can apply for registration until result for the remaking is announced. Please check with official OET website.

  22. I have got 3 B in listening 390, speaking 390 and reading 430. However, for only writing, I’ve got 230. Is there a chance to get B in writing if I request for remarking.
    My writing word count was 210 in total.

  23. hi I got b in all and c + in writing
    can I set writing only this time for my Australian pr
    will they accept like this

  24. Hi I did my OET in March. I got 3 Bs and only one c+ for writing (300) and I have applied for the remarking. Do you think I can still have a hope with it ?

  25. Hi, trying to get UKVI here.
    OET results as follow.
    L 390
    R 260
    W 370
    S 330
    Any advise for remarking? Your opinion will be of great help.

  26. I did my OET in April . I got 3 Bs and only C+ (330) for reading. Do you think remarking give me a chance to get B?

  27. Hi, trying to get UKVI here.
    OET results as follow.
    L 330
    R 370
    W 260
    S 390
    Any advise for remarking? Your opinion will be of great help.

  28. Hi, i got B’s in all the sections except but reading, in which i scored 330
    should i go for remark??

  29. Good day! I took the OET exam last April. My scores are all B+s except for listening which is C+ (330). Will re-marking be advised and is there a chance to achieve 350 after re-marking? Thanks.

  30. Hi sir I got my result yesterday Listening 430, reading 420, speaking 420, and writing 300 .. Is it worth to go for an revaluation (aiming 350)?

  31. I have got listening 320 and all other modules B. I have applied for remaking but very nervous…Has anyone got passed or increased their scores after remarking listening ? When is the remaking result date for April 06 exam? Thank you

  32. Hi Good Day. My results for the April6 Test are S-430,L-390 and R-360. My writing is 300 and I am aiming for a 350. I requested for Re-Marking. Do I have a chance to get the 350? 😌

  33. Hi,
    I got all B,except writing got 260. I have requested remarking, do you think there is any hope?! , since I don’t wanna waste my time waiting I started to practice again and planning to resit the exam this coming 7th July. Am I alright to apply for resit even though my remarking results hasn’t come yet. Would it affect the remarking?!

  34. Dear sir /madam my speaking score is 300 and I have given for revaluation. Is there any chance to increase my grade

  35. Dear sir/madam, I got 3 Bs and 300 in writing. I am planning for remarking. Is there a chance to jump from 300 to 350 in writing ? IS THERE ANYONE WHOS MARK GOT CHANGED ?

    Thank you

  36. I didnt get my revaluation result …..
    Can u pls tell when they suppose to publish d result.?
    I given it on April 7,2019

  37. Hi , I took oet medicine version on March 16 and got 390, 380, 350 in (L,R and W) and, unfortunately, got 340 in speaking.I was not satisfied with my result though. Therefore, submitted for remarking and today I got my remarking result and speaking score jumped to 370.However, I have taken exam on May 18 and result is not published yet.What happens if I fail in May exam ?Does GMC will accept my March 16 score or not ?I am so worried.

  38. Good day got my oet results today got 310 in reading do you think a remark is worthed? The results were about 350.

  39. I got 360,350 for writing and reading. Listening and speaking 300. If I got 350 in speaking, I can apply for Ireland visa. Shall I apply for revaluation

  40. My LRWS is 390,360,250,370.I need a desperate B grade in Writing since I am applying for PLAB this time.I know I have written well.And to my surprise I got discharge to home letter but I practiced Referral letter more,made some alterations to it too.Is there any possibility of me getting Grade B if I apply for re-evaluation?
    Thank you


  42. Hi i just took the exam with 370 in reading and speaking,450 in listening and 300 in writing.is it worth trying for remarking in writing?is it possible that i can get 350?

  43. Hello sir!
    I got 280 in writing and I have applied for remarking
    I believe my writing was worth 350 because I’m giving th exam for th second time and my first attempt writing score was 350
    But,after a long thought process I feel I have pasted few of the information from th case notes as it is
    Could u please tell me if tat will make a big impact on th results??

  44. I have applied to remarking for writing c+
    And have B grade all other modules. If I resit the exam again before the remarking result published and later I have got B in my remarking. In this case can I able to use the old result. Is it any rules like only the latest result is valid.

  45. Hi
    I applied for re-marking on reading test (6april 2019 test).I haven’t received the result yet.I contacted the OET Helpdesk a week ago as well ,but no answer .How can I find out what is going on?
    Thank you

  46. Hi Sir
    I got my oet result today
    Listening 410
    Writing 410
    Speaking 370
    Reading 330
    Can i remark for reading because i need 350

  47. READING REMARKING IS ACHIEVABLE AS I GOT 270 IN READING I WANT 300 SCORE.IS IT WORTH TO GO FOR RE EVALUATION.writing and speaking b grade and listening c+.i need reading c+.what to do?

  48. I written oet exam on June 15,2019 and I got 3Bs .But I got c+ in speaking with 320 score and I applied for revaluation ,Is there any chance to improve my score to 350.I am disappointed with my result.Is I need to continue my practice

  49. I got a B for all my sub-tests except speaking (330). Do you think that it is recommended to apply for a re-mark and also what are the chances for an increase in score? Thank you!

  50. Good morning i got my results today and got 3 Bs but in speaking 320 . Is there any chance that i can ask for remarking?
    And how long does it take for the results of rechecking ones?

  51. Hi, I got Bs for all my components except speaking (330). Is there a good chance for the band to change upon re-evaluation? Thank you!

  52. Hi there,
    I’ve got my results for OET today and I got:
    Speaking: 450
    Listening: 430
    Reading: 370
    Writing: 300
    Do you think I should get my writhing remarked in order to get a B. I’m really confused and don’t know what to do? should I just reset again or get it remarked; if I do get it remarked what are the chances of getting a B from C+. Also, during your OET experience have you heard or seen anyone in my situation to get a positive outcome after getting it remarked.

    By the way, I’ve used your mock reading samples and I must say that they were extremely useful, they could be the reason for me to get a B in my reading.
    Thank you.

    1. Every case is different so assuming a similar outcome as that of the others would not be the right approach. If you believe you did a good job in the writing part, then definitely go for the re-evaluation, but you should start preparing for the next exam at the same time.

  53. Hi
    My marks for writing 350 speaking 380 listening 290 and reading also 290. Is there any chance to get C plus? Shall i move for remarking

  54. Greetings,
    I had taken the July exam. I scored all B except for writing (280). This is my 3rd take and I scored 360 on writing on my second take. I only need a writing score of 300. Is there a big chance that I might get my desired score? Thank you

  55. Hai
    I got only C plus(330)in speaking (OET).
    Remaining modules I got B grade.
    Is there is any chance to increase my speaking score with re evaluation????

  56. I got B in all except listening in which I scored 320.. I’m confused about whether to go for remarking or booking again. Pls advise me regarding this

  57. I got B in every module except the speaking (300), my result has just been published..I actually cant believe my result in case of speaking..Is there any chance of increasing score in remarking? I am starting preparation to resit, but should I go for remarking?

  58. I got B in every module except the speaking (300), my result has just been published..I actually cant believe my result in case of speaking..Is there any chance of increasing score in remarking? I am starting preparation to resit, but should I go for remarking?

  59. I got B in three modules except speaking (340). should i go for re-evaluation as i believe that i can score B. I want to know that after how many days re-evaluation result will be published?

  60. Hii my oet results came just today.i got b for both speaking and writing and c+for reading and c for listening.is it worth if i gave for remarking at least listening so ithat i can go for a clubbing option if i get c+ in remarking .with a grade c i cannot apply for clubbing

  61. Hi there,
    My OET result came on Wednesday and i scored A and B in all other modules except writing. I have got a score of 300. I am so confused. Should i apply for remarking or resit. I took the writing correction service and i got A and B in all my corrections. I would highly appreciate if you could guide me through this. Today is the last day i can apply for remarking

  62. Can you tell me what date and time June 15 th remark result will publish. Also, i forget my password in my oet website then i used forget password options then it showed invalid user email id what may be the reason

  63. I got speaking 340, listening and reading 330, writing 260. This is my first attempt. I have given all for revaluation. Is there any hope? Also I have taken another date.

  64. I am going to do remarking and resiting for my august 3rd exam.. I am planning to take next exam on september 21. If I could get upgradation in remarking and not getting desired score in coming september exam, which result will be considered for Newzealand CAP.

  65. I have got 450,450 and 460 in reading listening and speaking. I have got 300 in writing. I am unsatisfied. Should I go for remarking?

  66. I applied for OET speaking revaluation, but I couldn’t find any form to fill. I agreed to the policy and then paid for remarking. Howerever, following that, I got a remarking booking confirmation
    e-mail. I still have a doubt, whether any additional form needs to be filled? Thank you.

  67. My OET result came on Wednesday aug 7th and i scored B in all other modules except writing. I have got a score of 300. I am so confused and tensed as this is second time . i had already applied for remarking . . I would highly appreciate if you could guide me about how remarking works and chances of getting me 350 score. when can we expect july 20th exam remarking results?

  68. Hii i got my oet results as R 380 L 350 W 400 and S 330. Is there any hope for me to upgrade the speaking score to 350 if i proceed with reevaluation. Thank u

  69. Hi,today I got my revaluation results of my writing there is no grade change but the score is increased from 240 to 280.is there an option to refund the amount I paid for remarking

  70. Hi I did OET and results as follows
    Speech 410
    Reading 400
    Listening 400
    Writing 300
    It is only 4days for today after I receive the results. But a notice is there in the site saying that the remarking applications are closed. Is it because of Sunday or is it truly closed? What should I do? Can I appeal?

    1. Hi, The last day to apply remarking for 13th October exam should be 5th November. I am not sure why you are getting applications closed message, but if you are sure you deserve 350, try contacting OET on Monday. Regards.

  71. Hai sir ,I have 3 b in other modules except 320 for speaking .I have applied for remarking on October 31 . Is there any chance to get remarking in speaking?

  72. Hi I just received results for my Oet exam speaking I got 340 C+ Is it revaluation will help to get a 350? Other than speaking I got 3 b

  73. Hello I just got my OET result and I got 240 for my writing. I have done fairly well with the body however I was not able to write the closing remarks of the letter. Would you suggest I get it reassessed and hope that I could get a C+?

  74. Hi I have got all three subtext 370 but speaking 340 should I apply for remarking. I need b grade. Suppose my marks increases my result will come in 20 Jan 20. Am resitting for next Exam on 11 Jan 20 whose results will come on Jan 31.
    Q1. Can I request not to publish results of 11 Jan if my marks increase after correction of previous Exam.
    Q2. UK accepts latest Exam results so if I dint clear 11 Jan Exam result on (31 jan 20 )does it affect
    Q3. Or I have only 9 days period to apply for plab 1 pls answer.

  75. Hi, I did my test on 13th of October in which I did really well but didn’t get my desired score in listening and speaking so I went for remarking, so on 7th of December, I got my results and my score was up in both subsets: 390 in listening and 370 in speaking so I booked my Plab part 1 for March but today i got the email from OET saying they have published incorrect results due to administrative error I don’t know what to do now, could anyone help me please with this thank you. As far as i know, two assessors do the remarking then how its possible for a mistake. Please help me

    1. It’s nothing short of a cruel joke! People who key in the marks in the online database are not the same as those who do the remarking. Have you been given the new marks yet? Best approach is to first update PLAB team about this and then deal with this OET situation.

  76. Hello, I am having the same issue with the change in the Remark result after I Passed and booked the PLAB exam in March, the OET informed me about an administrative error they have received an incorrect re-marking result for 13 October 2019 Listening sub-test. So, again the net result not passed.
    I don’t know is the appeal will help me in the sSituation or not?

  77. Hi I’ve got 320 in writing is there any chance to get B.?
    Also my exam day was n 9/11, can you please tell when will be the results os the revaluation?
    Thanks a lot

      1. I am confident and I 100% expect B-grade for my speaking test. Other 3 LWR I scored B grade. Already given for remarking DEC7 exam speaking result. Please do consider on remarking.

  78. I got 3B s in all module except for writing(270).Will remarking be helpful? can I apply for remarking and test together

  79. Good day, can you please give me an advice whether to retake my exam or re evaluate my results. I got 280 on writing and 340 on listening? Should I resit or remark? Thanks in advance

  80. Good day,
    Kindly help me whether to resit or remark my scores from today’s results. I got 280 on writing and 340 on reading? What should I do? Thanks

  81. I marked B in all subtests except for Writing (320). Is it good to have it remarked? Or should I re-sit for this subtest? Thank you.

  82. I got my oet results today 6th January. I got 340 in speaking . I need B score for speaking . Is there any chance of increasing my score to get B grade.

  83. Hi,
    Please need help.
    For results out on Jan5 I got B in all modules except writing. For writing I got 280 which is C. If I get 300 it’ll be C+ so that I can apply for nmc on Jan 31st.
    I’m planning to give for revaluation and I also booked exam for Feb 8. This revaluation result will come on Feb 27.

    What I’m confused here is what if I pass the revaluation result and if I fail the Feb exam.
    Will NMC still consider the revaluation results.?

  84. Hi Sir,
    I got B in wLR and 340 in speaking. I need to get B in speaking. As I have tried other exams number of times I think oet is better than other. But speaking score was 340.is it worth if I give for revaluation

  85. HI DEAR, I got 380/390/430 in Reading, Speaking & Writing but 320 in Listening; could you please tell me any hope in re-marking; waiting for the remarking results on 20th January. please write something.

  86. Hi I got B’s in Listening ,writing & speaking modules on Dec 7 th exam .But for Reading my score was 330,which means C+.So I submitted for remarking. Is there any possibility?Do you know any candidate whose mark increased in reading sub test after remarking?

  87. Hi There,
    I just got my OET results.
    I got a B in all my other modules except Writing.
    I need to get a score of 300, my current score is 280.
    I’d like to know if there’s any scope of the scores going up by 20 in applying for remarking?

  88. Hi my writing grade was C (260) .is there any chance to get 300 after remarking?I am looking forward for UK registration.Rest all I got 3B’s.

  89. Hii. I took my oet exam in this month. I got 3B’s in listening, writing and speaking but I got C+(330) in reading. Should I go for re-evaluation?

  90. Hii,i got my OET results today…I did extremely well in my reading, listening and writing. However,I was given 310 in speaking which I believe should have gotten 350 and above…Tho I was sick as at the time of the exam but I still communicated and flow well..
    Is there any hope?

  91. Hello ,

    I Got my OET result with all B grades except speaking 330. Is it a good idea to apply for re-valuation test? I know I did it very well. And if you know as per your past experience , how many percentage, people get re-value with higher grade. please advise. Thank you.

    1. Hi Anwar, there are no statistics available on remarking success rate, we simply hear from those who found success, whereas there is even larger group who couldn’t succeed and never report. So, if you think you deserve 350 in speaking, yes go for it.

  92. Hi I received my oet results for the February exam and i got C+ 320 on writing, is it advisable to apply for remarking to achieve a B grade? Thanks

  93. Hi I recently received my oet results
    L 350
    R 350
    S 390
    W 240 is it worth going For remarking for writing to get 300 (C+) please advice me
    Thanks so much

  94. Hello i am writing with so much heaviness in my heart.
    i gave OET in Nov 2019 and my scores are
    writing – 360
    listening- 380
    reading- 400
    speaking- 340
    i requested for speaking remark hoping to get the 10 but to my surprise, they reduced my mark to 320. This really broke me and took away my confidence. What do you think went wrong with my speaking. I really need help in practicing.

    1. Hi George, remarking is really a double-edged sword. While on all facebook groups, OET candidates keep harping about remarking as if it is the only remedy, the fact is that there are many more candidates who could not succeed via remarking and ended up wasting time, money and a lot of energy in the process. It’s hard to say what went wrong but you can seek help from one of OET Speaking experts using this service: https://edubenchmark.com/oet-speaking-practice

  95. hi i have written my oet and got all B except in reading its 330, i want to re evaluate reading and plan to reappear in next coming test which is 4 after weeks , As revaluation result will be released after six weeks , if in revaluation my grade is increase and get b in reading,And if i dint get good score in re appeared test , can i select my older test.

  96. Hi I got my oet result and s_330 w_300 r_370 l_360
    I give revaluation for speaking test

    Is der any chance to increase my score

  97. Hi I recently got my oet results..I’ve got all. B grade except for writing ..290 C ….I..need 300 to get UK score…..is there a chance to improve my score in revaluation….I’m very much concerned..


  99. Yesterday I got my OET results. I got 3B &Speaking -330 (C+).I have given for revaluation. Any chances of getting 350.This was my 4th attempt & all attempts I scored B in speaking.

  100. I got 340 in speaking with b grade in other modules.is there any possibility to get a hike in score after remarking.

  101. I have got my oet results i got B in all 3 subtests but i got C (290) in writing .As i need C+ (300) , i have applied for remarking as i only need 10 marks .Is there any chance that my marks will get increased??

  102. I got listening A reading speaking B but sadly 290 for writing.i need 10 marks for UK score .is there any chance to get c+ in revaluation.anyway I gave for revaluation.what your opinion sir..I am worried

  103. Hi sir
    I got B for 3 modules and 340 for speaking. Its really disappointing. I tried for remarking ,but I cant find a remarking request form while I logged into my OET Portal.Instead it was snowing requesting time is closed..I don’t know how to apply. Is there any chance of getting B score or will it go down..please let me know…

      1. Hi,
        It released on 2nd July 2020.I can’t find remarking request form. Can you please guide me step by step to request for remarking .Thank you

  104. I secure marks in OET – Medicine
    Listening – 360
    Writing – 350
    Reading – 390
    Speaking – 340

    I am confident in my speaking, I applied for a remark in speaking. Is there are any possibility of clearing Speaking with 350. What is the percentage of students who passed in these scenarios?

  105. Hi,

    I’ve scored 4 B’s recently – unfortunately for me – all below 400 which is my desired score.
    Do You offer any services which aim to score not only B (>350 – which is as far as I’m concerned the most popular aim), but >400?

    If so, please let me know where I can find them, because I’ve noticed that many so-called premium providers are “stuck” with advice not able exceeding 400

    Kind regards

  106. Hello Benchmark team,
    I got my results today and got a B in all sections, except for writing, where i got a 320, i need 350. Do you think is a good idea to try reevaluation?
    Thank you.

      1. For the records, I received today my remark and got a 350.
        Hope this helps to people going for remark. If you think you deserved better than the score you got, go for remark.
        Best of luck to you all.

  107. Hi
    And thank you for the help.
    I did my OET exam on August 22nd, and got:
    450 Reading
    430 Listening
    410 Speaking
    And very unfortunately, 320 in Writing.
    I noticed that almost everyone took the exam with me from my study had the exact same issue! One had > 450 in three parts and 330 in Writing! We all don’t think the marking was fair, and we applied for remarking!
    My question is: do you know how the outcome comes (in general)? Are you aware with any positive outcomes?
    This is really sad because we all needed this exam to get ECFMG certificates for applications for the US MATCH!
    With the current schedules of the exam, and even for the remarking dates, our chances became very low to have successful applications.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Wael, We don’t have data to show what percent of re-evaluation results lead to improvement in score. OET follows a pretty standardised assessment criteria but if you believe you deserved 350 and has already applied for reassessment, then we are hopeful you will get 350 or above.

  108. Hello there!
    Did my exam on 22.8 and got the results back.
    Unfortunately, I got a 300 in writing while scoring 390 in the rest subtests. I can only think of one problem: I took an arrow from between two words to add a sentence, that’s it. I had multiple assesments in my prep and all were B+,A.
    I did apply for a remark, what do you think of my chances in getting a 350 with the remark?

  109. Hello ,its sad to ask this but ,i got B in all 3 esxept speaking ,i got 330 in speaking .Is there any chance of getting 350 in speaking in remarking,

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