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Practice materials by highly-experienced OET Experts covering Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking sections of OET. Study at your own time and pace. All you need is a computer with internet connection and you can study anywhere – OET at home or on the go! Clear instructions are given every step of the way, so you don't have to worry about anything. Don't have any paper with you? Not a problem. You can key in your answers directly into the computer based OET portal.


Get 20 OET exam practice tests each in OET Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking for an introductory price of $79. That's a cost of less than $1 per sample paper! Pro and Pro Max courses are equally affordable with extra features and full support throughout the course training period. These also include writing feedback (worth $40) and speaking test (worth $30).


Get answers to all OET Reading and Listening tests along with explanations. Similarly, speaking role play cards come with sample recordings and writing case notes include sample letters as well. Preparation packages even come with Writing Correction and Speaking Test services. You can also email us at any time to clarify any point regarding OET practice tests or training lessons.


Take our full-length OET exam practice tests under exam-like conditions on a computer at home. Our online OET course comes with an accurate timer function to ensure that you practise in an exam-like setting, regardless of whether you intend to sit for the paper-based or computer-based OET exam. These OET practice tests will help you prepare for exam day. While Reading and Listening tests can be practiced by anyone (including dentists, physiotherapists and so on), Writing and Speaking samples are specific for doctors, nurses and pharmacists only at the moment.


Learn everything from basic OET test format to advanced OET strategies with our library of OET video lessons. We take you through the basic rules and regulations of the OET test as well as give you tips on how to handle difficult questions you may encounter in any of the four sub-tests. There is a dedicated section of OET Grammar videos which is highly appreciated by all OET test candidates. Not just that, we keep adding new resourceful video lessons to enhance OET preparation further.


Fast & reliable email support from our Benchmark OET Experts for when you need any admin or academic help. Have questions about a test paper in the course? Just send us a message through the same system and we will reply your query.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a doctor / nurse / pharmacist. Will this course help me?

While Reading & Listening tests are relevant for all medical occupations, Writing Case Notes and Speaking Roleplay Cards are provided for doctors, nurses and pharmacists only.
If your occupation is different from pharmacy medicine or nursing, contact us at [email protected] with your occupation details and we will try our best to customise the course to your requirements.

Are the sample tests in this course suitable for me if I am sitting for the OET on Paper exam?

Yes. The format of these sample practice tests follows the OET format 100% so you can be sure that the questions are of the same standard as the OET Paper based test. Not only that, we have trial tested every single Reading paper, Listening paper, Writing paper and Speaking paper to ensure that they are of similar standard to the actual OET exam.

Are the sample tests in this course suitable for me if I am sitting for the OET on Computer or OET at Home test?

Yes. First, you need to know that the OET on computer test can be taken at home (this is called the OET at home test) or at selected OET test venues (this is called the OET on Computer at test venue). Both these versions of the OET test are online (monitored through remote proctoring) but the format and timers are exactly the same as the OET paper-based test. All the rules and regulations governing the OET on Computer test are the same as those governing the OET on Paper.
If you plan to sit for the OET on computer, the Benchmark OET Course actually helps you get more familiar with answering questions on a computer so you can be more confident on test day.

What if my preparation is affected due to COVID-19?

We know there's a lot of uncertainty around test dates and application cycles right now. With all these new developments, if you purchase an OET Course from us and your plans change, just email [email protected]. We will pause your account until you're ready to start studying or give you a free extension until your new test date (whether that be and OET on computer or OET at Home).

If I'm struggling with a question, can I get help?

We're happy to answer any questions you have about our material. Send us a message while you're studying (using the "Help" button), and we'll respond as quickly as we can. Alternatively, email us at [email protected] and our team will provide all the possible support you need.

How does the refund policy work

This is a digital product so cannot be refunded once you access/open it. If you are unsure, you can start with either a Reading or Listening package at a lower price.

How many practice tests are included in the package?

There are 20 full practice tests each for Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. That's a total of 80 tests! You will be able to practise these OET tests online multiple times within the validity period. The Reading and Listening tests are suitable for all OET professions, but currently, our Writing and Speaking sample tests are only for pharmacy, medicine and nursing (i.e. pharmacists, doctors and nurses)

Is OET course from Benchmark enough to practice for the OET?

Yes, OET Pro and Pro Max courses included everything needed to hit the ground running and achieve A or B grades. There are practice tests, tips and tricks videos, eBooks, samples and much more. For in-depth study, Pro Max course even includes 20 writing correction and 2 speaking test sessions without recording.

Do you provide answers to writing and speaking tests as well?

Yes, all 4 OET subsets come with answers. For speaking, we provide sample recording for each role play card, with notification within each video about completion of a bullet point on a role play card. Similarly, writing case notes come with sample letters
What's more, with Pro and Pro Max you can get your writing and speaking assessed with the help of expert Benchmark OET teachers. The best thing is, you can be sitting at home, and you can still practise OET Speaking online with us. It will also prepare you to take the OET Speaking exam through an online platform should you decide to take the OET computer based test later.

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently, we accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and AliPay / WeChat. We also accept Bank Transfer and Western Union Money Transfer. If you have trouble paying, email us at [email protected], and we'll walk you through the payment process with clear instructions!

How do the practice tests work?

Note that the OET Practice Tests are completely ONLINE with no books or printed papers. Practising these OET Computer based tests is quite easy as all questions have been well laid out with easy access to each section. Instructions are given in the course as well to guide you but it is so easy - you simply have to click on the test number to open any test and start it. They all come with an in-built timer to give you an exam-like experience.

The OET tests can even be done on Android and iOS devices as well, though we advise practising on a computer/laptop for best experience.

Benchmark Education Solutions is an online language training website and IS NOT ASSOCIATED with CBLA and CBLAs OET. Full disclaimer available here.

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