31 thoughts on “OET Score Calculator Guide – Check Your Grade”

  1. In OET reading how much questions need to correct for minimum C+
    In listening how much qusestions need to correct for minimum B grade

  2. And how many questions are needed to be right to get the minimun B grade for the reading part of the test? Thank you!! 🙂

  3. I have scored only 260 for oet writing,however,im very clear that it was error free letter and only added relevent informations.I wonder how i scored very less mark

  4. What is the equivalent total score of 65% for reading and listening? Or how many correct answers should I achieved in order to pass the reading& listening part? Thanks

  5. Hi .what will be eligibility score for nurses in oet test, And also i would like to know how they are calculating the score.

  6. I think I included all the tasks however I had an error understanding the date the patient has to be discharged, how is that usually graded? is that already just a C? Thanks

      1. Thanks for replying. The query was about the recent oet exam. i just wanted to know how high is the possibility that I am getting a C instead of a B, because of the date error I made.

  7. If I got one subset C+ and the rest are all B, do I need to retake only that C+ or retake all ?
    Is to get at least B in all subset in one setting?

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