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  1. In OET reading how much questions need to correct for minimum C+
    In listening how much qusestions need to correct for minimum B grade

  2. And how many questions are needed to be right to get the minimun B grade for the reading part of the test? Thank you!! 🙂

  3. I have scored only 260 for oet writing,however,im very clear that it was error free letter and only added relevent informations.I wonder how i scored very less mark

  4. if i had a score pf 32 out of 42 question in reading would that give me a B, that’s 350 and above

  5. What is the equivalent total score of 65% for reading and listening? Or how many correct answers should I achieved in order to pass the reading& listening part? Thanks

  6. Hi .what will be eligibility score for nurses in oet test, And also i would like to know how they are calculating the score.

  7. I think I included all the tasks however I had an error understanding the date the patient has to be discharged, how is that usually graded? is that already just a C? Thanks

      1. Thanks for replying. The query was about the recent oet exam. i just wanted to know how high is the possibility that I am getting a C instead of a B, because of the date error I made.

  8. If I got one subset C+ and the rest are all B, do I need to retake only that C+ or retake all ?
    Is to get at least B in all subset in one setting?

  9. hey i need a minimum of 350 in all my modules. how many wrong answers can I have and still achieve that score in reading and listening ?

  10. If the case is not urgent case, and I able to emphasize that in the introduction but mistakenly on the conclusion I requested the specialist urgent assessment, definitive diagnosis and emergency management. Do I will lose marks for it?
    I was about to correct it but the time couldn’t allow me to do so. How I will be graded for it

      1. the confusing point was the medical presentation considered as emergency, and one of the diseases needs an emergency intervention like fever or convulsions and so on but after I wrote the hall letter I found that they mentioned in the case notes the case is not urgent, so I able to update the introduction accordingly but when I came to the conclusion the time was up

  11. hi, i want to ask if how much is my over all score in my oet if i had 300 in my writing, 420 in my listening, 350 reading and 390 speaking?

  12. Hi! How many correct items do I need to have for me to get a B grade in reading? Is it 28 or 30? I’m quite confused with the previous comments. Thank you in advance.

  13. I got 360 in listening ,370 in reading and speaking. 260 in writing .can I go for remarking?is there any chance to get 300 after remarking?

  14. Hello! Do you lose marks for not being able to complete the task in writing? I missed to include a brief history but was able to finish the letter.

  15. I’ve got results today. I got 350 and above in 3 skills except listening in which the score is 340. As I’m a doctor I need 350 in each right? Is there any possibility to contact GMC and request regarding my score

  16. I have scored 400 in listening ,370 in reading and writing but 340 in speaking. What should I do now?? Do I have to take entire test again??

  17. Can anyone answer these two questions?
    I had 320 in my writing subtest on 7/3/2020, is there any success story of getting 350 after re-marking?
    And the 1 million question, how the OET change the mark to scale, I mean what is the mark that I should have to get 350 on the scale????

  18. Is it really difficult to get 400 in each section in a single sitting ? 3 months of preparation is enough for that ?

  19. Hi! I could not finish the oet writing task, I just ran out of time. I could not conclude my letter. Does this mean it’s straight c? Is there any chance of getting b?

  20. Please let me know I can works as Registered Nurse for UK my OET Result Speaking B, Listening C+, Reading C+ & Writing C

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