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OET letter writing covers referral, urgent, discharge, transfer, or update scenarios types. To succeed, read official OET writing samples and take sample tests tailored for nurses or doctors in your field. Practice OET listening samples and take the sample test for medicine on the computer to cover other subsets.

To pass the OET writing subset, write 180 to 200 words in 40 minutes. Follow the right structure with an introduction, past medical history, hospitalization, current condition, and ongoing care for a sample OET letter. The order may vary, but case notes selection remains consistent. Fewer mistakes mean higher OET marks, so ensure strong grammar skills. Word choice is crucial in the OET exam sample letter; poor choices can alter meaning and result in marks loss.

Explore OET sample tests, writing samples, reading samples, speaking samples, and listening sample tests for comprehensive preparation. The OET on the computer sample test offers valuable exam-like experience.