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I’m great at my job but I’m not being given the opportunity to do it!

You are a qualified and experienced nurse, respected for your abilities in your field. After putting in all those years of study and training in your country of origin, it can be frustrating that your accomplishments are not yet fully recognised in Australia or New Zealand. As you know, the key to getting the job that you deserve, at a standard worthy of your capabilities, and ultimately getting paid a salary that recognizes your level of skill is….that’s right, you guessed it…passing the dreaded OET exam!

Need OET Writing Feedback?

Don’t know who to turn to?

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We Can Help You
Need OET Writing Feedback?

It can seem unfair and frustrating that the English exam is holding you back from continuing with your chosen career path. However, with top quality resources and support, it really is easier than you think to pass the OET tests. Once you begin studying with Benchmark Education, you’ll start to see that OET isn’t as daunting as you once thought. You just need the knowledge and direction of our highly trained professionals to help you get over a few of those tricky hurdles. And ultimately,to get on with what you are trained to do.

I’m so busy working, I don’t have time to study for the OET Exam!
It can feel like a “Catch 22” situation. You need your OET certificate to get a higher-level job, as a registered nurse, doctor or physiotherapist, but you are working all hours to pay the bills. It’s impossible to fit an OET study class into your busy schedule or you have taken the test but couldn’t succeed. And the cycle continues. We can help you finally break that cycle with an online study program that gives you choice and control and a fantastic package with everything you need for home-study, as well as professionals on-hand around the clock to guide you along the way.

At Benchmark, we offer a flexible service, that is tailored to the individual. You can study at your own pace, in your own time and there is no need to commit to a long-term course with the responsibility and costs that this entails.

So, what can Benchmark offer me?
• An online, flexible study system that is easy to navigate and allows for location independent learning.
• A comprehensive range of study materials including:
– a wide-range of revision resources for grammar and vocabulary
– a variety of relevant case-notes for nurses
– samples of best practice
• 1:1 correction and feedback from qualified OET teachers
• Fast & efficient correction services
• A variety of packages to suit individual needs

Join our growing community of students and teachers here at Benchmark today!


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  1. Hai I took my OET on May 18 2019,I got 3B and writing 300 c+.I gave for remarking.Is there any scope of getting B in writing 300mark to 350 .I gave remarking on June 7.When will be the remarking result publish.Please answer my query

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