Combining OET test results

Are you…?

Are you an OET candidate who has taken the OET test with the intention of applying for registration in a professional medical board overseas? Then you are not alone. Many OET candidates use their OET certificate to prove their English language proficiency level for registration purposes.

Combine Scores in Case of

  1. UK
  2. Ireland
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand

Did you know?

Did you know that different medical registration boards have slightly different requirements for OET results? Did you also know that some registration boards allow you to combine your OET test results from 2 different sittings? That’s right! That means that if you got the score you require in only 3 out of the 4 sub-tests (listening, reading, speaking and writing), and are just short in one sub-test, you can take the OET test again and if you pass that sub-test the second time, you can COMBINE the TWO OET test results and apply for registration.

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Here is a summary for you

This table summarises the requirements of the most popular medical registration boards that accept OET test results and the requirements for registration. Take a look at which registration boards allow you to combine your test results and the conditions they impose.

Can Combine?NoYes
Validity2 Years2 Years
ConditionsNAMax 2 sittings in 12 months with no less than score below C+ in reading, listening & speaking, and C (250) in writing. Check NMC OET Requirements
Registration BoardGeneral Medical Council, UKNursing and Midwifery Council, UK

Can Combine?NoNo
Validity2 Years2 Years
ConditionsNAMax 2 sittings in 6 months with no less than score below C+
Registration BoardIrish Medical Council, IrelandNursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland

Can Combine?YesYes
Validity2 Years2 Years
ConditionsMax 2 sittings in 6 months with no less than score below CMax 2 sittings in 6 months with no less than score below C
Registration BoardMedical Board of AustraliaNursing and Midwifery Board of Australia

Can Combine?NoYes
Validity2 Years2 Years
ConditionsNAUpto 4 sittings in 12 months
Registration BoardMedical Council of New ZealandNursing Council of New Zealand

Can I club OET score for Ireland?

No, nursing and medicine boards in Ireland do not allow combining OET scores in two sittings!

Not sure if you can combine your results?

If you are not sure if you can combine your results, use our calculator to here to find out!

Disclaimer Take note that this is a general guide and you still need to check your eligibility with the respective registration bodies.

One last word

Please do cross check your results with the latest updates from the registration boards as there are changes from time to time.

63 thoughts on “Top Guide – Combining OET Test Results”

  1. Hi
    So if I have combined exam with 6 months and the first one
    B B D and B
    Second one
    C+ C+ B and B
    Would be unacceptable due to the d in first trial? Is that correct?

    1. I got the following score , My result was published yesterday
      Listening 310
      writing 320
      reading 210
      speaking 370
      Could I take the listening, writing and reading subsets in the next jeddah OET exam on 23rd of april

    1. Hello I just wanted to make sure

      My oet results last November 2021 are the following:
      Reading: 320
      Writing: 300
      Speaking: 350

      While my OET results last April 2022
      Reading: 400
      Writing: 300
      Speaking: 320

      Can I combined it?

      I am a Nurse

  2. If i get
    speaking – B
    Listening – B
    Reading – C
    Writing – C
    Can i resit for only reading and writing?
    And if i get a B in reading and writing in the second test.. can the results be combined

  3. If in first test i got
    Reading b
    Listening b
    Writing c
    Speaking b
    2nd test writing b
    Speaking b
    Reading b
    Listening c plus
    Can i combine them for australian medical council?

  4. i got C in reading and B the rest in 1st sitting, what score should i have the next time of sitting that im allowed for combining?..what if i get C+ in any of the subtest in my second sitting? it allowed to combine? im interested for applying in NZ.

  5. hello, if i got B B B C(speaking), can i just take the speaking sub-test only next time for combining cert, or i need to complete another full test? thank you.

    1. I have scored in writing-350
      Is there any chance of clubbing in my next exam scores?
      I have given for re-evaluation for the three modules… Is there any chance of increasing score inistening, reading and speaking?

  6. Hi if I get B in Listening, writing and speaking and c plus in reading and same result in next sitting too with in 6 months gap than am I eligible for NMC registration? Because reading is too tough for me and I get only 320 each time .
    Thank you .Waiting patiently to hear from you . 😔

  7. Hi. My question is, if I passed 3subtest except for one C+ (listening) in the first sitting and yet, in the 2nd sitting I passed the 3subtest except for (C+)reading, can I combined the two tests? Will I pass for UK standard?

  8. Hi
    I attempted 2 OET tests within 1 month
    11OCT: reading B, Writing B, Speaking and Listening C+
    7NOV: Reading, speaking and listening B, Writing C
    Can i combine my scores?

  9. I have got 350 in oet writing, 360 in oet speaking,,330 in oet listening and 330 in oet reading…..Am I eligible for Clubbing for Australian RN work permit

  10. Hi,
    Is there any update if they will give consideration during this pandemic in combining scores more than 6months gap? For UK. Thanks in advance

  11. hello I got B(listening, speaking) C+(reading, writing) in one sitting then B(listening, reading) C+(writing, speaking) am I eligible for NMC registration? Thanks a lot.

  12. Hello. Im applying to be a Nurse in UK. However, I got C+ in Reading on my first OET attempt. I just want to ask about the clubbing. It says within 6-month period. My question is, the counting of 6 month will start from the exam date or the month the result came out? Thank you.

  13. how can i clubb my oet score for uk.i wrote my oet exam on january 23 and the result came on febuary 12.until which month i can write my oet .plz explain

  14. Hi!, i got B in both listening and speaking, C+ in reading and writing. Can i just take the subtest for reading and writing and combine it with my previous exam score? Thanks!

  15. Hi
    I wrote OET and got 3Bs and a C+.I want clubbing for UK.After clubbing if I fail again,what happens to my first result.Can I use them to register with Ireland?

  16. On my 1st attempt I got B’s except Reading. I re sat the reading subtest only (my mistake coz i didn’t know my registration body doesn’t allow it) and still got a score of 320. Now I am sitting another OET exam which I will be taking all 4 subtests. My concern is, it will be my 3rd attempt to resit the reading subtest. Will they still allow my 3rd time score? I want to combine them.

  17. Can you combine your first and third exam (both within 6 months)? The second exam has a C score, so I understand that it is not valid.

  18. I got listening C+, Reading C+, writing B, and speaking B. Can this score go for Ireland nursing. Reply.

  19. Hi! I took the OET exam last August 28, 2021 and I got B on my three subtest except reading which is C+. I’m planning to resit the exam and apply for clubbing, but what if I still got a C+ in reading after the 2nd take? Would that be acceptable in UK standard?

  20. Hi i am a doctor
    in july i score c+ in reading
    R C+
    W B
    L B
    S B
    In September i score c+ in listening ( in other module i got B) can i do clubbing?

  21. first test 1 i have c + in writing Test 2 i have B in reading, listening & speaking but writing only c , its possible to club the score

  22. I have appeared for OET on 2021 and my score is
    Reading – B
    Listening – C=
    Speaking -B
    Writing -B
    Can I resit on 23 April 2022 to club the score

  23. I am Nurse, I am planning for UK and my results are
    listening C
    reading C
    Writing C+
    Speaking B

    I need B for listening and reading, so can I only attempt OET exam for listening and reading?

  24. Hello! I took the OET twice and already passed through Clubbing: 1st take – November 2021 then 2nd take – February 2022.
    I would like to know if what expiration date will I follow? The latest or the first one? They said you must take your OSCE 6 months prior the expiration date of you OET that is why I really want to confirm. Please if you can reply. Thank you so much!

  25. hallo good day i would like to ask if i can club my score in oet even i take the exam in different country first i take my exam in dubai second test i take it in saudi can i still club?? even i take in different country pls can you help answer my question thank you

  26. Hello🙂 I just wanna ask if it’s worth a try to remark reading subtest my score is 340(c+) along with my writing score 290(c)?

  27. Hi,
    I got my result today in Nursing
    Can I remark first my Reading to become C+
    and then clubbing?

  28. Hello,
    My name is Rasha. I would like to inquire about the language scores at OET for the Australia pharmacy board. Can I combine scores from two exams? Could you please explain the process of merging these scores (is the minimum score C or C+)? Thank you.

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