Frequently Asked Questions

How to Purchase


Apart from credit cards, what other payment options are available?

You can also purchase the service using a Debit Card, PayPal Bank Transfer and Western Union Money Transfer. Note that MoneyGram is not available at this stage.

Can my friend/relative pay on my behalf?

Yes, they can. Many clients do it. You will still be able to send and receive the corrected letters using your own email address.

I have used my correction package but would like to repurchase. What is the process?

We appreciate your desire to learn more – practice makes perfect! You can purchase another package in the same manner as you did the first time – from this link.

After repurchase, contact our support team at [email protected] and ask for new case notes.

Can you correct my letters free of cost?

We would love to but unfortunately, the teachers who correct the letters charge us for the same. You can start with a Trial pack of just 8 dollars and get a fair evaluation of your writing skills.

What currency is the payment in?

We are a global website, serving clients across the world. Hence, all our payments are in US dollars.

I am from Myanmar and my country is not on the list. What should I do?

As address is needed for billing purpose only, you can choose Australia as your country and enter 5000 as the Pin/Post code.

Can I buy the Reading Course along with the Writing Correction Service?

Yes, you can buy reading, writing and speaking services simultaneously.

How much will $40 cost in my local currency?

The amount will be converted into your local currency by your card issuer automatically. However, you can still check the prevailing exchange rates here.

Is PayPal safe?

Absolutely. It’s one of the most trusted payment platforms on the internet.

Why do you need my address when the Writing Correction Service is only online?

Good question! An address is needed for billing purpose. No physical items will be shipped. Also, no local or shipping taxes are charged.

Can I pay for a Writing Correction Trial pack using Western Union?

No, only Regular and Urgent packages can be bought using Western Union.

OET Writing Correction Service

Do you give grades as per the new assessment criteria?

Yes, our Writing Correction Service already incorporates the latest assessment criteria. All our teachers keep updating their OET and medical knowledge to ensure you get the most accurate correction and grade evaluation service.

Will I get the case notes with the Writing Correction Service?

Yes, relevant case notes will be sent to you via email after you have purchased a package.

Do I need to send all letters in the same day?

No, your package will remain valid for 1 year so you can send your letters at your own pace of practice. Note that this is not an unlimited correction service, and once you have sent the number of the letters allowed by your package, you will need to purchase another package.

Do I need to wait for the corrected letter before I send my next letter?

No, you can submit your letters at your own pace of practice. Feel free to send your next letter even when you are still waiting for the previous corrected letter to be sent back to you.

Will you provide model answers?

The service includes letter correction, exam grade estimation and suggestions for improvement. However, model answers are not included. You may request for a sample, and if the teacher has a sample available, they will provide it.

Do you work on weekends and public holidays?

Yes, we work 365 days a year in order to return your corrected tasks on time.

My exam is this week, do I have enough time to use your Writing Correction Service?

Absolutely, we are quite efficient when it comes to correcting and returning letters on time.

With the Urgent package, you can get your letters checked within 24 hours of sending it (typed letters in MS Word format or text files), and 48 hours for handwritten/scanned ones. You can be assured that you can benefit from our excellent service, even in the final week before your exam!

My exam is next month, but I am not very good at writing. When should I start to practice writing letters and sending them for correction?

NOW! There is no better time than now. This way, you will have enough time on your side to ensure that you get a B or A grade in the writing module. Get in touch with us ([email protected] – yes, we’re only 1 email away) for one of our bulk packages to send 20 or more letters for correction. This will allow you to get at least 1 letter a day corrected. Practice Makes Perfect!

Do I need to create an account with Benchmark to get my letters corrected?

The Writing Correction Service does not require any login. All you need to do is follow the Letter Submission Instructions, which will be sent to you automatically after you have made payment. After that, you just need to send your letters for correction to [email protected].

Can I send handwritten/scanned letters using the Regular package?

No, you can’t. Only the Urgent package allows submission of handwritten letters.

Do you only provide correction to nurses and doctors? I am a dentist. Can I avail the correction service?

Of course, you can. We cover most of the occupations – nurses, doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, radiologists, pharmacists etc.

Can I share my correction package with my friend?

Yes, you can. However, both of you will need to use the same email address to send the letters for correction. We do not allow more than one email account per purchase at any stage.

Do I need to send a copy of the case notes as well along with my letter to be corrected?

No. Our teachers already have most of the case notes available. However, if you are using your own case notes, then it’s a good idea to attach those.

Do you have a correction package for 1 month?

We have even better! You can buy up to 50 corrections and send those in 1 year. Drop us an email at [email protected] for bulk packages.

If I submit 2 or more letters in 1 day, when will I get them back?

Each letter will be returned independently within 3 days if you have purchased the Regular package.

Is it possible receive corrected letter through a messenger app such as Whatsapp, Viber or Telegram?

No, we deliver corrected letters through email only. Email is the most effective means of delivering corrected letters and keeping records as well.

OET Reading Course

Does the reading course include any reading tips?

Of course it does. It comes with 16 video lessons and an e-book on reading tips and tricks.

Can I buy the Reading Course along with the Writing Correction Service?

Yes, you can buy reading, writing and speaking services simultaneously.

How can I get some clarification regarding a reading question?

Reading test page already has a feedback option in the menu where you can post your queries and one of the expert OET trainers will answer that for you. You can also send us your query to [email protected] with reference to the test and question numbers.

Can I get a hard copy or download after purchasing the reading materials from the Reading Course?

Our OET Reading Tests can be practiced on a computer or tablet only. You can practice those as many times as you want. However, these cannot be printed or downloaded. The test interface is so intuitive that anyone can easily practice these tests on a computer screen.

My reading package has expired. What now?

All reading packages have fairly reasonable expiry periods. Once your package has expired, you will need to repurchase the same package to keep using it.

OET Speaking Mock Test

Do you offer Speaking Mock Test service to occupations other than doctors and nurses?

Unfortunately, no! Right now, we are only focusing on doctors and nurses.

Do I need to have camera for one-on-one Speaking Mock Test?

No, you only need a computer/laptop with a mic. Having a webcam is not necessary to take the OET Speaking Mock Test.


How can I contact the teacher who corrected my letter? I need to get some clarification.

You can send your correction-related queries to our teachers in the same email thread where you will receive the corrected letter. This will ensure that the same teacher answers your questions satisfactorily.

I have purchased the correction package but I have not yet received any confirmation.

Please first check your Spam/Junk folders. If you have a Gmail account, do check the Update tab of your Gmail Dashboard. If you still can’t find any email from us, chances are that you might have given us a different email address or made a spelling error when you typed in your email address. Simply email our support team at [email protected] with any proof of payment (such as SMS from your card issuer) for us to locate your transaction.

I have subscribed to the OET Reading Course, but I have not received any login details. What should I do?

Our server has some issues sending automated emails to Hotmail users. Check your Spam/Junk folders or Updates tab if you are a Gmail user. If you still can’t find the email, please inquire at [email protected].

Can I change my Regular 8-letter package to an Urgent 4-letter package or vice-versa?

Yes, you can, but only if you haven’t started using the package yet. Contact our support team at [email protected] for more information.

I am not able to log into my OET Reading account. Please help.

You can try to click ‘forgot password’ and receive the password in your email. If you are still unable to log in, email our team at [email protected].

How can I access the bonus reading test with the Urgent Writing Correction package?

You will receive a link in an email to create an account to access the bonus reading test.