• Reshal Salins

    I’m glad to inform you that I have cleared my OET exam successfully. Thank you so much for correcting my OET letters and giving appropriate advice.

    Reshal Salins
  • Ali Arslan

    I got B grade in all four subtests. Thank you for your writing correction. I have learned a lot from you. The work you people are doing is great

    Ali Arslan
  • Muhammad Khalid Shah

    I have cleared OET. Thank you so much. Your writing subscriptions helped me a lot.

    Muhammad Khalid Shah
  • Afshan Shakir

    I have achieved all B.I took all your courses. I highly recommend your prep courses to OET test takers. Your Reading course helped me a lot, although it was online, but it tremendously transformed my reading skills and the test was exact on the same pattern. Writing correction service helped me through the test also. Big thanks.

    Dr. Afshan Shakir
  • Maria Chiara

    I would like to say thank you for your support and your useful package as it helped me to pass the OET exam at the second attempt. It would have been really difficult to pass it without you.

    Dr. Maria Chiara
  • Amna Asif

    Yesterday I got my OET result and I scored 430 in writing. I passed the OET in first attempt. I availed the writing correction service of edubenchmark.com and found it extremely helpful to polish my writing skills. I would like to thank all the amazing teachers of benchmark. You guys are so good and the feedback you provide is valuable. The best thing about you people is that you guys return the letters just after 2 days and sometimes after a day even if the package is regular and not urgent. Keep doing the amazing work. Thank you so much.

    Dr. Amna Asif
  • Testuser

    I had been preparing for IELTS since 2010.I failed 15 times in IELTS writing so I started preparing for OET. Unfortunately, I failed twice in OET writing as well. Thus, I did 6 regular super value (48 letters) OET letter corrections from Benchmark education and passed my OET writing with the score of 390. I also did a speaking mock test just a day before the exam where I scored only 300 but got very useful tricks. I used those tricks in speaking then finally, I passed my OET test with the band required for OET medicine. Thank you benchmark for helping me to conquer my a decade-long battle of language test. I highly recommended Benchmark Education for OET preparation.

    M. Ghale
  • testuser

    I passed!! Got 370 in writing, 470 in speaking, 450 in listening and 420 in reading. Thank you guys so much for all your help! Your urgent package helped me a lot and I wouldn't have done this without you!

    Maha Nadir
  • Fabiana Otsuka Ferreira

    High quality and personalized coaching. Thank you Benchmark team for your support and professionalism. I strongly recommend them if you want to succeed in OET.

    Dr. Fabiana Otsuka Ferreira
  • Nurse Thakshila N Wijesena

    I was able to improve my writing marks from 200 to 400. I would not be able to pass OET without Benchmark support.

    Nurse Thakshila N Wijesena
  • Desmond Ojie

    I'll recommend Benchmark OET writing correction to candidates planning to take the OET exam. Their review is succinct, easy to comprehend and probably one of the best.

    Dr. Desmond Ojie
  • Arouj Khadija

    I have passed my OET in the first attempt with 3As and 1B. I did my reading and writing with Benchmark.Thank you again for your support and corrections.

    Dr. Arouj Khadija
  • Giorgia Garbato

    I have used your writing correction service to prepare my OET test and I was able to get all Bs at my first attempt in September. I just wanted to thank you all for your help, which was crucial.

    Dr. Giorgia Garbato
  • David Muchirewese

    My score in writing was 370 in my first sitting. My score in other OET modules was reading 430, listening 400 and speaking 420. I want to thank all the Benchmark Team.

    Dr. David Muchirewese
  • Nurse Berna Maye Lapada

    I just want to thank this group for the helping me to achieve my desire score in OET. Wishing you all the best. My God Bless you all.

    Nurse Berna Maye Lapada
  • Maria Jose Burgueno

    I would like to thank you for the support and services that all of you give me while I was preparing the OET writing part. I sat the OET writing part, and I got the level B (380).

    Dr. María José Burgueño
  • Vipula

    Benchmark Writing Correction really helped me to get the style correct. I have got a B for my writing.

    Dr. Vipula
  • Majid Khan

    Just got my email. I availed your 5 writing correction services and it helped me a lot. Just got my result and got A in writing.

    Dr. Majid Khan
  • Bubrak Amin Gandapur

    I had speaking test with Benchmark trainer and it was awesome! I learned a lot.

    Dr. Bubrak Amin Gandapur
  • Ayen M. Perez

    Thank you Benchmark I passed my OET exam. You are a great help!

    Dr. Ayen M. Perez
  • Noor Ul Ain Ali

    I passed the test with B in all subtest. I owe a lot to Benchmark. I guess that’s the only thing needed to pass OET.

    Dr. Noor Ul Ain Ali
  • Shahruj Chowdhury

    Initially, I was stuck within C+, I went through their correction and got B in first attempt. I really appreciate their OET correction service.

    Dr. Shahruj Chowdhury
  • testuser

    I have passed my OET exam and scored 370 in writing. Thank you so much for your help.

    Dr. Aysha
  • testuser

    I am glad to inform you that I have scored 400 in OET writing. Without your great support I would not have achieved it. Your letter correction helped me to identify my mistakes.

    Nurse Sibi Joseph
  • Omer Farooq

    Passed my OET. Thought I’d let you guys know. Thanks Benchmark Team!

    Dr. Omer Farooq
  • testuser

    I just received my OET test results and it was good. I passed. Thank you for all the help.

    Dr. Michael Fiifi Eshun