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Comprehensive PTE Prep

Practice materials by highly-experienced PTE Experts covering Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking sections of PTE Academic. Study at your own time and pace. Clear instructions are given every step of the way, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Great experience both on computers and mobile phones!


There are hundreds of practice questions, up to 30 mock tests, training videos, eBooks and many more materials starting from $30. Thats more affordable than any other online PTE training and practice platform.

Full-Length AI PTE Mock Tests

Take our full PTE Mock Tests under exam-like conditions. These tests come with accurate timer function built into the online PTE tests. Whats more, all mock tests come with answers and provide you AI machine PTE scoring with high accuracy. You can either take full test in one go or each module separately based on your convenience.

Over 60 Video Lessons

Learn everything from basic PTE test format to advanced PTE strategies with library of PTE video lessons. These training videos cover highly relevant topics and provide useful actionable insights into each of the 20 PTE Academic question types.

Performance Analytics & Study Plan

Analyse how your performance across mock tests and practice questions has been. Our Smart PTE Advisor prepares a Study Plan for you based on your past score, PTE score required and exam date.


Fast & reliable email support from our PTE Academic experts for when you need admin or academic help.


  • Unlimited Practice Questions
  • NA Mock Tests / AI Scoring
  • 5 AI Scoring Tokens / Day


USD $5 / 14 days
  • Unlimited Practice Questions
  • 10 Mock Tests / AI Scoring
  • 100 AI Scoring Tokens / Day
  • 50+ Video Lessons (Course)
  • 20+ Knowledge Tests
  • 20 eBooks (All Q. Types)
  • Study Plan Maker
  • Email Support


USD $9 / 1 month
  • Unlimited Practice Questions
  • 30 Mock Tests / AI Scoring
  • 200 AI Scoring Tokens / Day
  • 50+ Video Lessons (Course)
  • 20+ Knowledge Tests
  • 20 eBooks (All Q. Types)
  • Study Plan Maker
  • Email Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have taken the PTE Academic test before. Will this course help me?

Absolutely! Benchmark PTE course not only offers most updated practice questions and mock tests with accurate AI scoring, but also focuses on PTE training and how to help you achieve target PTE scores. Our PTE courses work even if you have taken the PTE Academic test on more than one occasion and you will still gain a lot of tips and strategies.

How many mock tests are included in the package?

There are up to 30 mock tests. Each mock test covers all 4 sections. You can choose all 30 or fewer mock tests based on your preparation needs and training budget.

Is Benchmark enough to practice for the PTE Academic?

Yes, our training and practice materials cover all aspects of PTE Academic in great detail. We regularly update new PTE practice questions, training videos and exam questions. This means you will get all training and support Benchmark PTE platform.

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept credit cards, debit card and PayPal. We also accept Bank Transfer and Western Union Money Transfer. If you have trouble paying, email us at [email protected], and well walk you through the payment process!

How does AI scoring work?

Our AI criteria is fully based on the available PTE Academic scoring criteria. Scores given are quite accurate and provide you detailed explanation as to how the score has been arrived at. You can expect exam-level accuracy when practicing using our PTE AI platform.

Have a question not on the list above?

Email us at [email protected] for a quick answer!

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