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Articles are an important OET grammar component. These always come top of the list when it comes to those tricky bits of English grammar that take a while to click. The terminology can make the use of articles sound confusing, but it is actually quite simple!

Read this article and have a go at the mini-tasks, and you’ll have solved your article worries in a matter of minutes…

Articles come before some nouns, so nouns are the best place to start.
A noun can be a person, a place or an object. There are many types of nouns and reading up on them will help you to get your head around articles.

Indefinite: a/an
This type of article refers to an unspecified noun or you could say any of the noun type.
Definite: the
This type of article refers to a specific noun or a noun that has already been referred to.

OET Writing

Job Roles
In your OET writing and speaking test, you will often need to refer to the roles of medical professionals. Job roles will always take an article. You will need to decide whether the role/person you are referring to is general (a/an) or specific (the).  Make up a few phrases with the examples below.
E.g. The doctor has referred her to a psychiatrist.
a/the doctor
a/the nurse
a/the dentist
a/the psychiatrist
a/the support worker
an/the anaesthetist

Nouns describing patients
Nouns describing patients will also need to be preceded by an article. In this case, you would sometimes be using the definite article as you are referring to a specific patient. However, there will be some instances where you would use the indefinite article. Have a look at the examples below and put them into some sentences.

E.g. The father of the child is a factory worker.

a/the woman
a/the father
a/the child
a/the widow
a/the factory worker
an/ the alcoholic

Uncountable nouns
These are nouns you cannot write article ‘a’ with. Some of the uncountable nouns are”


Now try and put some sentences together using both lists.

And there you have it…articles are easy!

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Thank you benchmark team for helping me to to understand the proper ways of writing.


Just know about benchmark 10 days before my exam.
Really wonderful guideline I’m receiving from them.
Very helpful.


thank you so much Benchmark for this wonderful guidelines. please i need more clarification on how to use article with uncountable nouns.
does it mean that the article use in the following sentences are wrong;
mrs Jones has a cancer
please i need more help here sir