10 thoughts on “How to Create an OET Login Account”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve tried all the above steps on countless occasions but I’m still not able to proceed further with my registration. The system keeps showing “invalid email” ( my valid personal email address) and other times “Processing” ( but never proceed to the next stage).

  2. Hai, I would like to write the OET exam in March 2021. I have been working at Muscat. My Visa will expire on April 4. So which address I have to write while fill the forms

  3. i completed all steps of account creation but i didn’t receive a confirmation email to proceed , what shall i do ?

  4. I am facing difficulty in login to my account .My registration was done successfully on 06/01/2021 and I received an email from OET stating the details along with candidate number.However,today on 15/01/2021 I want to book my exam for 20/02/2021 but it is showing my user id and password is incorrect so I click the forgot password option and follow the instructions but the message remains same.I have done almost it with clicking 3 times for the forgot password and it has not proceed and was unable to login.Hence I request you to guide me in proceeding me to login and book my eexam on 20/02/2021.
    Hoping your kind consideration and looking forward to hear from you.

    1. I was having similar issues. Your email and password BOTH are CASE SENSITIVE. Also, after you enter your email/password, don’t click the space button. For example, if email is [email protected], after the m, go to next input section(password etc) without having anymore info or letters/numbers. This includes even an empty space bar click. How this helps. Good luck.

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