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Do you feel as though writing IELTS essays doesn’t come naturally to you? You’re not alone! Writing is a skill, not a talent, which means that you CAN improve with guidance and preparation. Let Benchmark’s IELTS Writing Correction Service help you boost your writing skills. You’ll receive everything you need to get a 7 or higher band score on the IELTS writing exam, both Task 1 (Letter/Graph) and Task 2 (Essay).

Sample Corrected IELTS Writing Tasks

See for yourself how our experts give an evaluation of these corrected student tasks - IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2 for IELTS Academic and IELTS General.

IELTS Writing Correction & Feedback

Let Benchmark IELTS Writing Correction Service help you boost your writing skills. With IELTS Writing Correction, you’ll receive everything you need to get a 7 or higher band score on the IELTS writing exam, both Task 1 (Letter/Graph) and Task 2 (Essay).

  • We can help you predict your band
  • We’ll give your essay an assessment for the format, grammar, sentence structure, etc. to help you make corrections and improve your band score
  • You’ll get personalized constructive feedback
  • You’ll get tips and suggestions to help you as you practice, guaranteed on every IELTS essay you submit.
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Let Our Professional Team Work for You

Benchmark’s professional IELTS Writing Task 1 & Task 2 Evaluation Team has read thousands of IELTS academic and general essays, letters, and reports from all over the world. Our team includes past IELTS examiners and teachers who have taught thousands of lessons, so we know what material IELTS examiners are looking for in your IELTS writing tasks.

Here’s a list of ways we can help you:

You will be able to study smarter, not harder, and succeed on your essays with our feedback!

Don’t get stuck in a loop taking the IELTS writing exam again and again! Improve your writing score today with Benchmarks proven Writing Correction Service.

Description About Plans
You can send
Time to get the task back (open 365 days)
Grammatical Mistakes
Paragraph Structure
Estimated Band Score
Send tasks in MS Word or text files
Send Scanned/Image file*
Ask for clarification
regarding corrected essays


Quick Return

4 Tasks
1 Day
Correction of 4 Tasks
Turnaround in 24 hours
1-year Validity
Grammatical Mistakes
Paragraph Structure
Estimated Band Score
Send tasks in MS Word or text files
Send Scanned/Image file*
Ask for clarification
regarding corrected essays


Try us Out

1 Tasks
3 Days
Correction of 1 Tasks
Turnaround in 24 hours
1-year Validity
Grammatical Mistakes
Paragraph Structure
Estimated Band Score
Send tasks in MS Word or text files
Send Scanned/Image file*
Ask for clarification
regarding corrected essays

*Please allow an extra 24 hours for handwritten or scanned tasks.

*Submit tasks at your own pace within one year, either gradually (at your own pace) or all at once.

*Essays submitted on Saturday and Sunday may take a few additional hours to return.

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Why Choose Us?

Why Chooose

Catching mistakes in your own IELTS sample essay is almost impossible when engaging in IELTS writing checking. When you read your own IELTS Task 1 or Task 2, your brain naturally substitutes what you intended to say instead of what you actually wrote. In general, it is difficult to make your own corrections and give your essay a good evaluation before the IELTS exam.

Also, you may not be sure of exactly what the IELTS essay topic means, or how to clearly organize and structure your essay. It is much easier and quicker to let trained examiners do the evaluation, spot each error you might have made and give you feedback.

It is tempting to turn to a generic sample study guide or a free online writing courses and lessons before the exam. You might find online samples of IELTS band 9 essays and other practice materials for students. They may help, but they can’t help you pinpoint where your own essay needs corrections – whether it’s grammar, correct essay structure, coherence, word choice, responding to the essay topic, complete sentences, and so on.

Benchmark’s IELTS tutors are experts at locating your most common mistakes and giving you the assessment and feedback you need to improve your essays. No matter what’s holding you back from achieving a high band score in the writing part of IELTS, we’ve got you covered with our online IELTS Writing Correction Service!

Hesitations? Try a Trial Task Correction

Give us a try and see how our online feedback can help you with your IELTS writing exam! Our IELTS essay correction trial lets you test us out by submitting one task for a small fee before purchasing a more complete package.

We believe in our system, and we’re sure that you’ll be so impressed with your trial experience that youll return for even more constructive feedback on your sample essays and other writing tasks. Our four-task and eight-task packages will allow you to see your IELTS writing improve with practice and with each submitted task and read for the exam.

Be sure to look through the online sample tasks with corrections above and send us your practice task today! Let us prove that we can give you the feedback you need to score well in IELTS writing tasks.

Don’t Leave It To Chance!

The IELTS isn’t just an English test; it’s the gateway to your future. Be proactive - don’t leave your future success to chance! Strategic preparation is important, so choose the right writing correction package today and give yourself the IELTS advantage you need to take the first step toward the rest of your life.

What Exactly Does Benchmark’s Writing Correction Service Provide?

At Benchmark, our expert team of past IELTS examiners and ESL/IELTS tutors read your essays and sample writing tasks as IELTS examiners would. They will project a writing band score for you based on criteria such as task response, coherence, grammar, and vocabulary.

In addition, our examiners will give you specific feedback about your errors on the writing tasks. If your essay was off topic, they will give you tips on how to make your essay relevant to the task. Maybe you made mistakes in grammar – prepositions, tenses, or passive voice. If the part you struggled with the most was sentence structure, their lessons will also help you with word choice and clarity.

You will receive your IELTS essay back with detailed corrections and suggestions, along with tips on how to improve. This personalized feedback enables you to study and practice the writing problems with which you struggle most.

Tips for Different IELTS Writing Topics

Benchmark’s Writing Correction Service helps you do much more than just fix your mistakes in English!

Essay Topics

Our IELTS Academic & IELTS General students learn not only what they’re doing wrong, but also how they can improve their essays through our tailor-made tips for different IELTS essay topics. Our lessons help you will learn how to identify the different kinds of essay topics you may receive (agree/disagree, discuss, advantages/disadvantages, two parts).

IELTS Writing Correction

Improve Your IELTS Score

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IELTS Letter Types

Similarly, you will learn to recognize how IELTS letter types are different (formal/semi-formal/informal) and what vocabulary and structure to use when writing General IELTS tasks. This will help you immensely as you practice the writing part.

Academic Task 1 Topics

You’ll also see the differences between Academic Task 1 topics (bar graph, line graph, picture, pie chart, flow diagram, etc.) and what information to include so you can impress the examiner.

When you see your IELTS essays improve with every submitted task, your confidence as an IELTS General or IELTS Academic candidate will increase tenfold.

What Do You Get Back When You Submit a Writing Sample?

How the Benchmark IELTS Writing Correction Service Works

This service works in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - Choose from one of our three service packages (PriorityAdvantage or Trial) listed below. Purchase the best online package for you based on your individual needs.

Step 2 - Write your practice task essays, letters, and reports according to the IELTS writing exam guidelines. We recommend simulating the test times and exam environment as completely as possible when writing your essay.

Step 3 - Send your writing tasks to us for feedback by following the submission instructions you received by email. Be sure to check your Spam folder in your computer if you do not receive an email from us after purchasing your desired package.

Now We Take Over!

We’ll check sample IELTS writing essay and send it back to you, with corrections and feedback, detailed comments, and your projected band score within 1 to 3 days, depending on your package selection. It’s that easy with writing evaluation IELTS!

Your Writing Will Be Professionally Scored According to IELTS Standards

The Benchmark IELTS Writing Correction Service is run by a team of ESL teachers and past IELTS examiners with ESL background and extensive IELTS exam assessment experience, especially in the writing sub-test. We have IELTS writing checker to check your practice IELTS essay and grade it on a computer according to best IELTS standards while comparing it against the IELTS writing topics.
We’ll estimate your predicted IELTS writing band score and suggest corrections, including grammar tips, so you can realize your aim to earn a higher band in IELTS Academic or IELTS General. This is the best way to improve your score with writing checker for IELTS.


Absolutely! The format for IELTS Writing is the same for both IELTS paper and computer-delivered IELTS exam. So, our writing feedback works perfectly for both paper and computer format.

Yes, because we want to make it as easy as possible for students to receive our writing feedback service! You can also pay via bank transfer or Western Union. We also accept AliPay and WeChat payments for IELTS test takers from China. Just contact [email protected] and we will provide you with more details.

Your credit / debit card company will automatically convert the US dollars into your local currency, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

When we say "task", we mean the IELTS Writing Task 1 (letter or report) or the Task 2 Essay, but not both. For example, in a package of 8, you can send 8 essays, or 8 letters/reports, or 4 integrated writings and 4 independent writings, or any other combination of 8 tasks in total.

You can type on a computer your IELTS Academic or IELTS General practice essay as a Microsoft Word document or as a plain text file. Essays can be attached and emailed to the designated email address.
Also, if you purchase the Priority package service, you also have the option of handwriting your Task 1 and Task 2 writings, scanning, or taking a photo of them, and then sending us the image. Please note, however, that handwritten essays will take an additional day to be checked and returned.

Clients who choose the Advantage or Trial packages will get their Task 1 and Task 2 writings back with corrections and comments within 3 days. If you have chosen the Priority package service, you will receive your writing tasks back in only 1 day! (Please note that tasks sent in on the weekends could take a few more hours to return).
We will return your essays with corrections, comments, suggestions, and your estimated score back to the email address you provided when you purchased your desired package. Don't forget to check your email account’s spam folder!

All of the writing packages are valid up to one year from the day you purchased our service. This provides a student with plenty of time to write and submit multiple IELTS Task 1 and Task 2 writings before the exam - so you can take the necessary time to absorb the feedback, and so your online preparation for the IELTS exam won’t be rushed.

Not at all! You can submit them one by one online, or as many of your writing Task 1 and Task 2 essays at one time as you like.

We do! Our experience is not only limited to the IELTS exam. We are happy to check essays written for the OET, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT exam or for personal statements.

We're glad you asked!
Our writing correction services are personalized to YOUR needs. We won’t give you some standardized writing tips or a checklist of common mistakes. Instead, we pinpoint YOUR specific shortcomings and give personalized advice, feedback and support on how to address them before exam.

Please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] with any of your questions about our online writing correction service. We check our email regularly, and your concerns are important to us. We’re always happy to hear from you!

Your performance on the IELTS exam isn’t just a band score - it’s a gateway to opportunity in your desired country. Our service helps YOU master the technical writing skills by guiding you to improve your English grammar and vocabulary, as well as identifying topics accurately and giving structure to the information in your essay with paragraphs that are logical.
At Benchmark Education Solutions, we’re proud of what we stand for. When you select a writing correction package, you’re not just getting a predicted band score and detailed corrections for your essays. You are getting:

  • Excellence
  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Affordability
…and a customer service team dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams.
No matter where your problem lies - grammar, format, lack of practice, use of correct language features and so on - we’re here to help! Benchmark’s online Writing Correction Service has helped thousands of students with their IELTS preparation, and we can help you as well!

Have a question not on the list above?            Email us for quick answers! [email protected]

Ready to start studying?

Ready to start studying?