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Do you feel as though OET writing doesn’t come naturally to you? You’re not alone! Writing is a skill, not a talent, which means that you can improve with guidance and preparation. Our services are proven to boost your writing skills, giving you everything you need to score an A on the writing sub-test of the OET!



Our professional writing evaluation team has read thousands of OET referral, discharge, transfer & emergency letters of nurses, doctors and pharmacists. We know what material the OET examiner is looking for in the writing sub-test, and trained medical evaluators at Benchmark Education can help you predict and improve your grade with constructive feedback and tips guaranteed on every letter.


If you are tired of studying case notes and sample letters endlessly and seeing no improvement, look no further! Our online OET proofreading service pin points exactly where in the writing sub-test YOU need improvement, allowing you to study smarter, not harder. So don’t get stuck in a loop taking the OET sub-test over and over again! Improve your OET on computer writing score today with our consumer-tested writing feedback service


Why choose Benchmark?

We can see what you can’t. Catching mistakes in your own referral letter is almost impossible. When we read our own writing, our brain naturally substitutes what we mean to say instead of what’s actually been written. We are also not sure which case notes of the given patient are important or what correct material to include in our referral or discharge letter. Someone else has to read your writing in order to spot errors in our English. While it may be tempting to turn to a generic free study guide, writing course, OET on computer sample test, letter samples or practice materials, those give you no way to pinpoint where your writing sub-test needs help – whether it’s grammar, correct format, coherence, identification and selection of the relevant patient case notes based on the given scenario.


Our OET teachers are experts at locating your most common mistakes and giving you the tools you most need to improve your letter. So no matter what’s holding you back from success as a doctor, nurse, pharmacist or a physiotherapist, we’ve got you covered with our OET writing samples!


Hesitations? Have no fear!

Take a look at the following sample corrected letters.

Doctor Sample Letter Click
Pharmacist Sample Click
Nursing Sample Letter Click

Not quite ready to buy multiple tasks even after going through the sample OET letters above? Not to worry! In addition to our four and eight-task course packages, we also offer a Trial service option of just one task. While normally we recommend the larger packages, which allow you to see your writing sub-set improve with each submitted letter online, the trial package lets you test us out before making a larger purchase. We believe in our system, and are sure that you’ll be satisfied with your trial experience and come back for feedback on more letters on a variety of case notes involving doctors, community nurses, social workers, dieticians and so on.


The OET isn’t just a medical English test; it’s the gateway to your future career as a doctor, pharmacy or nursing professional in healthcare sector. Don’t leave it to chance! Choose correct package today and take the first step toward the rest of your life as a healthcare expert.


What exactly does our OET writing service provide?

Our team comprising doctors, nurses, pharmacists and ESL tutors reads your letter as an OET examiner would and determines your projected grade based on factors including interpretation and selection of case notes, grammatical accuracy, clarity, language, style, layout and lexical resource. In addition, they give you specific feedback and tips on your errors, be they in the use of prepositions, tenses, passive voice, word choice, sentence structure, or interpretation of the case notes. You will receive your referral letter back with detailed corrections and feedback, enabling you to study and work on exactly the writing problems with which you struggle most.


It’s not just about fixing mistakes in English, however! Our doctors, nurses and OET pharmacy students learn not only what they’re doing wrong, but also how they can improve through our tailer-made tips for different case notes. With our OET writing course, students will learn how to identify the chief complaint of the patient, purpose of writing the letter, structure their referral or discharge letter as a whole to address the case notes and impress the examiner. And when you see your writing sub-test improve with every submitted letter, your confidence as a computer-based OET or paper-based OET candidate will increase tenfold.


What do you get back when you submit a letter?

  • All of your written errors highlighted and corrected
  • Detailed comments and feedback on your writing, with suggestions and tips on how to avoid committing the same mistakes twice.
  • Trainers familiar with the new OET scoring system grade your letter and provide you an estimated OET grade.
  • A detailed explanation of your estimated score.
  • Suggestions on how you can further improve your writing sub-test and minimize your future mistakes in your English.

How can you access these services?

We'll walk you through the steps!

  1. Choose your correction package based on your needs. We offer plans for those who require a quick turnaround as well as larger packages that give you more for your money. Whether convenience or value is your top priority, weve got you covered!
  2. As soon as you’ve made your payment online, an e-mail with instructions will arrive in your Inbox. It’s important to check Spam folder as well! There will also be a link to download the case notes relevant to your occupation (doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, pharmacists and so on).
  3. Choose as many of the case notes included in your service package as you would like to complete (you have freedom to use your own case notes from other sources), then write the assigned letter(s) as you would on the OET at home test. Once you’re done, attach the letter(s) to a return e-mail according to instructions, and send it back to us for grading.


After that, we take over! We’ll check your sample letter and send it back to you, with feedback, your projected grade and detailed comments, within 1-3 days depending on your package selection. It's that easy!

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Need more letters checked than our Urgent or Regular packages offer? Explore our Bulk Packages.


The OET Writing Correction Service is run by a team of ESL teachers with medical background and extensive OET training experience especially in the writing sub-test. Some of us are experienced doctors and nurses. We will check your letter, grade it according to OET standards while comparing against the case notes, estimate your predicted OET grade, and suggest changes including grammar tips to earn a higher grade to fulfil your aim to register as a doctor, pharmacist, nurse and any other healthcare professional.

QuestionsQuestions? We have Answers!

Is your writing correction service going to take into account the new OET Writing assessment criteria?

Absolutely! Our teachers have studied these changes and have incorporated them into our writing correction service so the report you receive for your letters will be in line with the new criteria and format.

How do I pay?

Most customers use a credit card, debit card, PayPal online, WeChat / AliPay online. However, you can also pay via Bank Transfer or Western Union by contacting [email protected] Our aim is for you to spend more time improving your writing and less time worrying over payment details.

You can watch How to Purchase video here as well

Are there any discounts?

There are significant discounts when you buy in bigger quantities! To purchase 20 or more letter corrections, please review our BULK rates. You can also contact us at [email protected]

OET training academies, take note! Buying in bulk is an excellent way to improve your students writing skills without breaking the bank.

How should I format my letter for correction?

All you have to do is type your discharge, emergency and referral letters and save them as either a Microsoft Word document or a plain text file. Then send it to [email protected] for review. Your work will be returned with comments and grade within 1-3 days.

Take note! You also have the option of scanning your hand-written letter and sending us the image. This feature is quite popular among doctors and nursing professionals who have insufficient time to practice and type their referral or discharge letters. Please note that scanned files will require an additional day to process.

Do I need to wait for the corrected letter to send the next one?

No, you do not. You can submit multiple letters in a day and get those back as per the package timeline. For instance, if you bought an Urgent package and submitted 2 letters in one day, both would be corrected and returned within 1 day (24 hours).

How soon do I have to use my package?

Your OET preparation package will not expire until one year from the day of purchase. This allows you more than enough course of time to prepare on the case notes materials you will receive for different types of patients. We recommend that you start submitting referral letters to us when you begin studying for the test, so that you can watch your English writing skills improve over time instead of rushing to improve just before the exam date!

My exam is less than one week away. Can I still buy the Regular package and get 8 letters checked?

Yes, you can! You don't need to wait for one letter to be reviewed before sending the next. You can send multiple letters per day, and all will be reviewed within 3 days. This ensures you have enough time to get all 8 letters checked before your exam.

Should I submit all the letters online at once, or one by one?

Both are acceptable. Follow any approach based on your preference. Submitting multiple letters allows comparison across scenarios, while submitting individually helps track improvement over time with our feedback.

Do you check writing tasks for other exams, such as IELTS & TOEFL?

Yes! We hire testing professionals for a number of exams format. We are happy to check work written samples for the TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and personal statements. We are experts at unlocking instructions and figuring out what exam readers are really looking for in a writing format. Use these links for TOEFL Writing Correction and IELTS Writing Correction.

What makes you think you can help ME?

We're glad you asked. Our OET preparation services are personalized to your needs, so instead of giving you a review checklist of common mistakes in your English which are not relevant to any type of case notes, we pinpoint YOUR mistakes and give individualized feedback with which to address them.

You’re not most people, so why would you leave your future in the hands of a generic writing tips addressing “most people’s” most common mistakes? Our tutors give individualized attention to every letter, and are trained to spot what you can do to make your writing sub-set shine.

Don’t take it from us, however—take it from the thousands of students who have benefitted from our services.

What are the changes to the OET Writing sub-test that everyone should know about?

On 31st August 2019, a new assessment criteria was implemented for the OET Writing sub-test. Don’t worry, there are NO changes to the case notes in this section – the writing task stayed the SAME (you will still get case notes and will have to write a formal referral, transfer or discharge letter). There are also NO changes to the time or the level of difficulty of the task.

The changes are only related to how the letters are marked. Previously, the letters would be marked according to the following 5 criteria: 1) overall task fulfillment, 2) appropriateness of language, 3) comprehension of stimulus, 4) linguistic features, and 5) presentation features. According to the new criteria, the letters would now be marked according to the following 6 criteria: 1) purpose, 2) content, 3) conciseness and clarity, 4) genre and style, 5) organization and layout, 6) language.

The above changes apply to all occupations such as OET nursing, medicine, pharmacy and so on.

Did we miss any of your questions?

Please feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns you may have. We value your business and are always happy to hear from you!

We are here for you.

Your performance on the OET isnt just a grade, it’s a gateway of opportunity in the medical field. Our job is to help YOU master the technical writing skills by guiding you to improve grammar, select case notes, locating the purpose and order information in logical paragraphing.

We’re proud of what we stand for. When you select a package, you’re not only getting a predicted grade and detailed corrections. Youre getting:

  • Excellence
  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Affordability

And a customer service team dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams as a doctor or nursing professional.

No matter where your problem lies, such as grammar, format, lack of practice, use of correct language features and so on, we’re here to help! Our service has helped thousands of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and dentists, and we can help you as well!

To Your Excellent Score and Future Achievements

Benchmark Team