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The multiple-choice choose single answer PTE reading section requires you to read a short piece of text and answer a question about it. The text is usually only one or two paragraphs long and is related to a single topic.

Once you read the text, you must answer a question that relates to that text. The question might ask you to summarize the text or give the main purpose of the text. You may be asked what the author of the text believes or their opinion based on that text.

You may also be asked specific questions that can be answered with information from the text. These could refer to statistics or other parts of the text. They require you to read carefully to find the right information.

What You Need to Know

When it comes to your multiple-choice choose single answer PTE reading practice, you need to know how to read the content the right way. You should look at different passages and paragraphs from our practice section. This will help you see what the paragraphs look like when you sit down for the exam.

Once you are familiar with the paragraphs, you can get more familiar with the questions. This will help you with the PTE multiple choice single answer. You will be able to read the question and understand what it is asking from you. Then you can read the paragraph and know how to find the answer.

The answer is always in the paragraph. In this section of the PTE, you will not be required to use prior knowledge to understand the paragraphs or answer the questions. All of the information you need to answer the question is directly in the paragraph that you have read.

This is one benefit to the multiple-choice, single answer PTE. You do need to study for this section of the exam, but you do not need to memorize facts or information. You only need to know how to read for information and how to locate the answers to the question you are asked in the text.

Remember also that there is always only one correct answer. This section of the test requires you to select only one answer because there is only one correct answer available. If you feel that more than one answer is correct, read the text again and look for the answer that fits the question best.

What You Might See

When you start the PTE reading multiple choice single answer, you will see questions that look like:

  1. Choose the sentence that best summarizes the text.
  2. Which of the following answers most accurately summarizes the opinion of the author?
  3. Read the passage below and choose the best summary.
  4. Choose the best summary for the paragraph below.
  5. Which factor caused a 20% decrease in sales?
  6. What contributed to the increase in revenue in 2018?

You may see questions that are similar to these or that are entirely different. Most questions will be simple to answer, and each correct answer will be found directly in the text. Once you have had a chance to practice these questions and answers, you will feel comfortable walking into test day.

About the Multiple Choice Single Answer PTE

The text for this section will be 300 words or less, which means you will be able to read it quickly. This is important because you need to be able to read and answer the question as quickly as you can. Make sure you are still accurate on all your answers while you do this.

PTE  Practice

You will not receive any credit for questions that are not answered or for incorrect responses. This means you should answer each question, even if you are not completely sure of the answer. This will give you a chance at scoring an additional point rather than forfeiting the points from that question.

This section will only test your reading abilities but does not test your listening, speaking, or writing skills. You will not be required to show any of these skills during this section of the test.

Do not run out of time and make sure that you spread your time evenly over the questions that you must answer. You do not want to take more than approximately 1 ½ minutes on any single question, as this will leave you with very little time at the end of the test.

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