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When you are ready to prepare for the PTE multiple choice single answer, you will want to practice both answering questions and reading passages.

This section of the PTE has two parts. The first is reading the passage that is provided. The second is to answer a single question about that passage. You should be able to work through this section more easily than some of the others.

What You Need to Know

The first thing you need to know is how to read the passages you will be given. The passages are not designed to be difficult to read. They are written so that you should be able to read through them and understand what they are asking of you.

The questions are written so that you can understand them as well. That way, you do not need to spend a lot of time reading before you are able to answer the question and move on to the next one. You should take the time to practice reading as much as possible before your test.

Don’t worry about only reading multiple-choice choose single answer PTE reading practice. Instead, take a little time to read a lot. Read books or passages and text from other sources. Read articles online or even in magazines. These will give you practice in reading.

Next, practice answering questions about what you read. You can do this with anything you read. All you need to do is read the text you choose and then try to summarize it in one sentence. Or try to figure out the main purpose of the text. This will give you practice for what you will find on the PTE multiple choice single answer section.

Practice Text for the PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer

Questions to Answer

There will be several different types of questions in this section of the exam. In general, these will ask you to summarize the text in some way. You may be asked which sentence best summarizes the paragraph. You may also be asked which sentence best summarizes the author’s opinion.

No matter what you are asked, all of the information to answer the question will be in the paragraph. If you can’t find it or don’t think it is there, read the question and answers again and then read the text. You should be able to find it by the keywords included in the question.

When you are looking for the answer to a question, look at the specific words that are used. This is where you will get more information about where the answer is in the text. Words that pertain to specific countries or locations or people or even specific numbers or dates will help you find the correct answer.

Quick Facts About the Multiple Choice Single Answer PTE Section

–         The passage will be 300 words or less

–         The passage will relate to only a single topic

–         The passage includes all information needed to answer the question

–         You will have enough time for approximately 1 ½ minutes per question

–         There are 15-20 questions in the reading section in total

–         It is best to answer every question than to leave any blank

–         There is only one correct answer to questions in this section

PTE Practice

When it comes to practicing for multiple-choice choose single answer PTE reading, you will need to spend a lot of time on reading. Remember, there are several different subsections in the reading part of your exam. You need to be comfortable reading pieces of text and answering questions about them.

Do not get too focused on parts of the text that are not important. You do not need to know the entire text. You need to know the answer to the question. If you find the answer to the question, that is all you need to know. The rest of the text is not important.

You also need to use your time wisely. Do not spend too much time on any single question. You will not have enough time for the rest of the questions in this section. In total, you will only get between 30 and 40 minutes to complete the reading section. Do not use too much of it in this one part of the section.

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