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The Pearson Test of English (better known as PTE – Academic) is a testing system designed to measure the English language competency of non-native English speakers who intend to move to countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, the UK and so on, for higher education or residency.

The test looks at the abilities of candidates in four areas – speaking, writing, reading, and listening – to assess their overall English ability, although it is of course tailored for candidates who want to get a student visa or skilled visa in the above-mentioned countries.

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PTE is graded on a scale of 0 to 90 for each of the four sections, which are known as subtests. The highest score is 90, and the lowest score is 0, as can be seen from the PTE band calculator table below.

However, recently Pearson, the company which administers the PTE, has made changes to their concordance report. As a result of this, the PTE scores required to equate with IELTS band scores have undergone some change. Although this concordance report has not been implemented by the Australian and New Zealand immigration departments, it is always a good idea to keep the new score requirements based on PTE score calculator with IELTS in mind when preparing for the PTE Academic test.

IELTS Bands PTE Scores PTE Scores (Proposed) OET Grade
9 86-90 N/A A
8.5 83-85 89 A
8 79-82 84-88 A
7.5 73-78 6-83 B
7.0 65-72 66-75 B
6.5 58-64 56-65 C+
6.0 50-57 46-55 C
5.5 42-49 36-45 C
5.0 36-41 29-35 C
4.5 29-35 23-28 D

*Proposed PTE Range is based on the new Pearson IELTS Concordance Report. Click here

PTE Practice

PTE IELTS Score Calculator

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IELTS PTE Reverse Calculator

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Nursing (AHPRA) Registration Australia

If you are a migrant nurse in Australia, you need to take IELTS or PTE in order to register as an Enrolled Nurse (EN) or a Registered (RN) before you start practicing as a nurse. AHPRA requires a minimum of 65 score each in listening, reading, writing and speaking sections of PTE either in 1 sitting or in 2 sittings no more than 6 months apart. Use the PTE score calculator below to find out if you are eligible to combine scores in 2 sittings or not.


6-month check

First Sitting:

Second Sitting:

Step 2

PTE Parts
1st Sitting
2nd Sitting

Disclaimer : Take note that this is a general PTE overall score calculator guide and you still need to check your eligibility with the respective registration bodies.

PTE Test Format & Scoring

PTE Academic test can only be a taken at an approved Pearson test center. This is a computer-based test and involves mic and headphones for listening and speaking sections. The test is generally of 3-hour duration with option 10-minute break between reading and listening sections. You will be answering 20 different question types. Given below is the list of question types and the number of questions of each question type. Note that the right column shows which questions include negative scoring.

Question Type Module Time No. of Questions Scores Points Negative Marking
Read aloud Speaking 77-93 mins 6 Reading
10 Yes – in Content
Repeat Sentence Speaking 10 Listening Speaking 13 Yes – in Content
Describe Image Speaking 6 Speaking 15 No
Re-tell lecture Speaking 3 Listening Speaking 15 No
Answer Short Question Speaking 10 Listening Speaking 1 0 for wrong answer
Summarize Written Text Writing 2 Reading
7 No
Write Essay Writing 2 Writing 15 Yes – in Spelling
MC, Choose Single Answer Reading 32-40 mins 2 Reading 1 No
MC, Choose Multiple Answers Reading 2 Reading 1 Yes (-1 each wrong choice)
Re-order Paragraphs Reading 2 Reading 1 No
Fill in the Blanks Reading 4 Reading 1 No
R&W: Fill in the Blanks Reading 5 Reading Writing 1 No
Summarize Spoken Text Listening 45-57 mins 2 Listening Writing 10 No
MC, Choose Multiple Answers Listening 2 Listening 1 each correct Yes (-1 each wrong choice)
Fill in the Blanks Listening 2 Listening  Writing 1 each correct No
Highlight Correct Summary Listening 2 Listening  Reading 1 No
MC, Choose Single Answer Listening 2 Listening 1 No
Select Missing Word Listening 2 Listening 1 each correct No
Highlight Incorrect Words Listening 2 Listening  Reading 1 Yes (-1 each wrong choice)
Write from Dictation Listening 3 Listening  Writing 1 each correct word No

PTE Practice

PTE Integrated Scoring Guide

Some of the questions in PTE Academic contribute marks towards more than one part. For example, 3 out of 5 question types in the Speaking part also contribute marks towards the listening section. So, for exam, if you are struggling to achieve your desired score in Writing, you will not only need to work on Write Essay and Summarise Written Text, but also Listening Fill in the blanks, Listening Writing From Dictation and Reading & Writing Fill in the blanks as well.

Check the table to below for more information:

Contributing Question Types

Module Listening Reading Writing Speaking
Listening SST, MC(CMA)
Reading MC(CSA)
Speaking RA, RS, DI

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