PTE Speaking Feedback

Attention PTE Candidates!

Do you fear speaking in front of a computer? Or are you struggling to find a reliable PTE Speaking trainer for private effective feedback? You are not alone! Achieving high scores in PTE Speaking module is a skill, not a talent, which means you can improve with practice, guidance, preparation and reliable feedback. Benchmark PTE assessment services have proven to boost speaking skills, giving you everything you need to score 90 in the speaking module! Our professional PTE speaking evaluation team has a strong record of organisinng hundreds of classroom and online PTE speaking sessions and assess traits, such as content, pronunciation and oral fluency. Benchmark PTE teachers fully understand how computer program assesses all 5 types of speaking questions. So, you can count on them!

We can help you predict and improve your scores with constructive live (Zoom-based) face-to-face feedback including tips and materials on speaking question types, especially describe image, retell lecture, read aloud and repeat sentence. So, you may be a first-time PTE test taker with exam in a couple of days or a long-term PTE candidate aiming for a very high score, this one-to-one feedback is for you!

If you have been trying to pass the speaking module all by yourself or through online videos, chances are you wouldn’t feel confident on the exam day and might even be struggling to keep time management in check. Despite having strong English skills, scoring high marks in the speaking module requires right guidance to ensure you know how to pronounce, maintain fluency and manage time.

Speaking Feedback $15


Why choose Benchmark Education?

Our expert teachers can notice what you can’t. They are also quite experienced in identifying mistakes in our speech, even when we record it for practice. For test candidates, things as small as when to start speaking, whether to take a pause or not during speech or to speak slow or fast can affect score when passing through the computer assessment criteria. While it may be tempting to turn to generic free sample materials for preparation or some recorded videos of describe image or retell lecture and record your performance for evaluation, those would give you no way to pinpoint where you need help in your speaking sub-test– whether it’s clarity, fluency, choice of words, skills in grammatical accuracy, tone of voice or pace of speech.

Benchmark PTE teachers are expert at locating your most common speaking mistakes in read aloud, retell lecture, and describe image, and giving you the evaluation tools you most need to improve your role play performance during the course of interview. So no matter what’s holding you back from 65 or 79 score in speaking, our OET Speaking Evaluation course has got you covered!

How does the PTE Speaking Feedback Service work?

The feedback process is very simple. Once you book a timeslot with us, we will send you instructions, along with a recorded video, on how to join our online private one-on-one live conference room. All you need to do is follow those recorded instructions and appear online on the booked timeslot. One of the expert teachers will first introduce herself and give you an overview of the speaking test (in case you are new to the PTE). After that, she will organise a Mini Speaking Mock Test containing the following:

Question Type No. of Questions
Read Aloud 1
Repeat Sentence 6
Describe Image 2
Retell Lecture 2
Answer Short Question 5

The mini mock test will continue for 10 minutes and then the teacher will record and share her feedback based on the assessment criteria and highlight your mistakes. She will also advise you how you could correct those mistakes. Later on, she will discuss AI scoring and weighted marks of each question type.

What exactly does our PTE Speaking Feedback provide?

Our expert PTE teachers will analyze your answers based on the PTE Speaking Assessment Criteria and provide you scores on factors including, but not limited to, clarity, pronunciation, fluency, choice of words, grammatical accuracy, continuity of speech, use of connectors and templates. They will also highlight which factors carry more weight and what are your strengths and weaknesses.

PTE Speaking Feedback service is not about just fixing mistakes in your speaking, however! Though one-on-one private feedback, our students learn not only what they’re doing wrong, but also how they can improve their speaking skills through preparation and tailor-made speaking tiops and templates. With this PTE training course, you will understand how to approach the PTE speaking questions on the test day. It would also enable you to sail through any difficult situation by applying the strategies shared by our experts, result in high levels of skill and confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of Speaking Feedback Session?

Your PTE speaking session will last for 25 minutes.

How many questions will be practiced?

Read Aloud – 1, Repeat Sentence – 6, Describe Image – 2, Re-tell lecture – 2 We believe these many questions are sufficient to assess your speaking performance and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

I have never taken the PTE test. Can I avail your feedback service?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s a great way to understand PTE speaking format and get a fair estimation of your existing PTE speaking level.

Can I book more than 1 time slot in advance?

You can book as many time slots as you like.

What software or apps do I need in order to do these role plays with you?

The software is Zoom, which is easily downloaded for FREE on the internet. You can go to this website to get this app:

Can I just use the audio function for the speaking session and not use the video?

Absolutely! We respect your privacy and if you do not want to use the video to appear in the zoom app for preparation, all you have to do is click the ‘Stop Video icon in the app. This way, when we do the speaking practice in private, we will not see you but we can still practise just through audio settings.

I am from a different time zone, so how can we make an appointment to do the role play?

When booking for private one-on-one session, you should see the timeslots in your local timezone and you can select a timezone that suits you.

What if I need have booked this service but I cannot turn up at the designated time?

We hope you can give us at least 48 hours’ advance notice of any cancellation because we have blocked a slot for you. If you inform us 48 hours in advance, you can reschedule your slot to a different time but a rescheduling charge would apply. Cancellations or no-show on the appointed time will not be eligible to any rescheduling or refund.

What is your cancellation & rescheduling policy?
  • A cancellation charge of $10 is applicable irrespective of the reasons given. Any cancellation must be done at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Any rescheduling on the part of the client must be done at least 48 hours prior to the initial appointment booked, and is subject to availability. A rescheduling fee of $10 applies unconditionally.
  • Any rescheduling done less than 48 hours prior to the initial appointment booked is considered as a no-show.
  • A no-show occurs when
    • A rescheduling or cancellation is requested less than 48 hours prior to the initial appointment booked
    • A client fails to appear for the appointment booked
    • A client appears more than 5 minutes late (out of the 20-minute session) for the appointment booked
    • No-shows are deemed as service rendered and no replacements or refunds will be provided