PTE Reorder Paragraph

We are going to take a moment to look at some PTE reorder paragraph tips that will help you prepare for the exam. These tips will help you understand what the test is looking for and how you can get the correct answer each time.

What is the PTE Reorder Paragraph?

This section of the PTE will give you several text boxes with a single sentence in each one. Each sentence goes together to create a single paragraph that makes sense. Your job for this question type is to put the sentences in the correct order to create that paragraph.

You need to read each sentence carefully to decide what order they go in and how you can get the correct message across through those articles. This will take a bit of practice, but once you understand how paragraphs are structured, it will get a lot easier.
Reorder Paragraph PTE Tips

  1. Practice reading to understand how paragraphs are structured.
  2. Read each sentence by itself.
  3. Watch for words that show a sentence is not first, such as ‘and,’ ‘but’ and ‘or.’
  4. Watch for words that indicate a topic sentence. This sentence does not need any of the other sentences and could stand entirely on its own.
  5. Watch for words that indicate supporting content.
  6. Work quickly but accurately.
  7. You can get partial credit for getting some of the boxes in the correct order.
  8. Read the end result of what you have before submitting it.
  9. Make sure your end paragraph makes sense or rearrange until it does.
  10. You can reorder the text as many times as you want before submitting it.
  11. Many old PTE reorder paragraphs are repeated from one year to the next.

PTE Reorder Paragraph Practice

How it Works

In this section, you will be give a text box with a single sentence in it. All of the sentences together will be approximately 150 words or less. This means you should be able to read all of the text quickly. The sentences also go together in only one way.

You will only get the full points for this section if you put the sentences in completely the right order. There is only one way that you can do this. That is why it’s important to read through the sentences before you move them and after you think they are correct.

Once you have all of the sentences in what you believe is the right order, read them again. Do they make sense? Does it seem like the proper structure to you? If something seems wrong, try moving around a couple of the pieces to see if it sounds better.

You should be able to find the first sentence easily. You should also be able to identify sentences that have to go in the middle easily. From there, you will have an easier time arranging any other sentences or rearranging sentences in the middle.

PTE Practice

Once you feel confident in your answer, submit it. Do not overthink the answer you’ve created. Don’t spend too much time reading and rereading it. Instead, submit it and move on to the next one. Remember, this section of the test is timed, and you do not want to run out of time.

How to Practice

You can practice in several ways. One is to use the practice paragraphs above. Another is through the practice test section of our website. Another way is to read a lot. Look at books, magazines, articles, and other sources of content that you enjoy.

Get a better understanding of how the paragraphs in each of these are structured, including what signals a supporting sentence or a closing sentence. You can also get a better idea of topic sentences this way. By reading more, you will get more comfortable with how to arrange a sentence when it is presented to you in pieces.

You can also practice writing your own sentences to form a paragraph or assembling paragraphs from sentences that are provided.

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