PTE Oral Fluency

Do you have what it takes to get the most points in PTE oral fluency?

Fluency implies the capacity to speak smoothly in English without needless fillers or pauses.   You can get your meaning across clearly. It’s all about delivering your message with the correct speed, flow, and grammar.

In practice, oral fluency means that you can confidently hold a conversation with a native speaker.

Let’s look at tried-and-tested strategies for the PTE speaking section.

Tips to Improve Your PTE Oral Fluency Score

Avoid Fillers and Unnecessary Pauses

Fillers are sounds or words like “Uhm,” “ah,” and “yeah” that a listener filters out immediately. Repetition pauses, and hesitation is a natural part of informal language, especially when we feel anxious or fearful.

For the PTE exam, you want to stop doing these altogether because they disrupt the computer-based PTE speaking score. You also need to avoid them in daily speech because they make your message difficult to decode.

People are rarely conscious of pausing, saying fillers, or repeating themselves, so it’s challenging to stop these habits. The best way to do so is by practicing conversing in English with a partner. Do this daily.

Improve Your Pronunciation

The best strategy is to listen to native speakers and copy them. You now have a valid reason to binge-watch English TV shows and movies. For best results, turn on the subtitles or captions so you know how the words are spelled as well.

Devote time to PTE speaking practice. One way to do so is by reciting a paragraph and using software to convert it. It will help you recognize the terms you’re mispronouncing and rectify accordingly.

Boost Your Vocabulary

Sometimes, you may run out of ideas or can’t find the appropriate words. When this happens during the PTE speaking test, your score will be affected. The solution is to read more to enhance your vocabulary and knowledge.

PTE Practice

Practice discussing various topics that you aren’t familiar with. Record yourself while doing this, with a one-minute limit. Choosing unfamiliar topics will train you to deliver organized ideas under pressure.

Speak at a Normal Pace

Are you a naturally fast speaker? You need to slow down a bit during the exam. If you speak too fast, you may lose points because the computer cannot decode your words.

Even if you have perfect grammar and organized content, the exam will give you a poor score.

Speaking fast might simply be a response to anxiety, but you need to break the habit if you want to ace the PTE exam. You can do this by timing and recording yourself as you speak English. For even better results, make sure you get feedback from a qualified teacher.


Don’t be disheartened if you don’t obtain the desired results in a few attempts. It might take time as you get accustomed to speaking in a particular manner. Just remember that constant practice makes all the difference. The more confidence you gain, the more naturally you’ll speak.

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