pte reorder paragraph

In the reading section of the PTE, you will have several subsections that include the multiple-choice, single answer section, the multiple-choice multiple answer section, and the reorder paragraph section. In this section, you will be given a series of statements or sentences that are out of order.

To complete this section, you need to know how a paragraph or piece of text should be structured in order to make the most sense. You need to be able to read through several pieces of a text and put them in the order that makes sense to you or to a reader of the text.

What to Do

You will be given approximately four or five sentences that all go together to create a single piece of text. These sentences will each be in their own box that can be selected and dragged to the submission box. Each box can be rearranged; however, you choose and can be moved around multiple times before you submit your answer.

Your task is to read each sentence and put it in order so that the resulting paragraph makes sense. When you drag each of the boxes into the submission box, you can read through what you have created. If it makes sense, then submit it and move on to the next.

If what you have does not make sense, you will need to reorder the boxes again until the end result does make sense. This may take you more than one attempt, but if you know how a sentence should read, you will be able to do this much faster.

Practice Reading Paragraphs

One thing that you should do to prepare for the PTE reorder paragraph section is read a lot. Read sentences, paragraphs, pieces of text, books, and articles to get a better understanding of how paragraphs sound. Then, when you are presented with a paragraph that has been broken down, you will feel more confident in how it should look.

Once you feel comfortable with how a paragraph should look, use sample questions for this PTE section to practice putting paragraphs back together. You can do this on your own by cutting apart sentences that you see in writing. You can also use official practice samples for the PTE, like the ones available here.

The PTE reorder paragraph section requires you to answer several questions, and you will want to do so as quickly as you can. Remember, the entire PTE reading section is timed as one section. That means you will need to work quickly through each question in this sub-section and each of the others.

PTE Practice

If you spend too much time on any one of these questions, you will have a hard time getting through each of the questions in the reading section. Instead, practice reading and organizing the sentences for the paragraph as quickly as possible.

What You Will Get

In each of these questions, you will get several different sentences that are each divided into their own box. These sentences may be simple, and the resulting paragraph may also be simple. On the other hand, the paragraph that they create may be more complex.

In general, the paragraphs you will need to create will become more complex as you go through them. The first one you receive will be the easiest to answer, while the last one will be the most difficult and require you to think the hardest.

You will not need any prior knowledge for this test, and you do not need to fully understand the paragraph that you create other than to be sure that it makes sense. If the paragraph reads properly, you do not need to know what it is talking about or answer any questions about it.

There will be several of these question types on your exam, and you will be required to answer them within the time provided for the PTE reading section. Practice answering these types of questions as quickly as you can while still getting the correct order. You will only get points for the questions that have a completely correct order.

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