pte reading choose multiple answers

The multiple-choice choose multiple answers PTE reading section will give you a single passage to read that is 300 words or shorter. The passage is written so that you can easily read it and understand what it is telling you.

Once you have read the passage, you will have to answer a question. This part of the process is similar to the multiple-choice choose single answer section of the PTE. The difference here is that the question you are given will tell you to choose all answers that apply.

Choosing the Correct Answer

In order to choose the correct answer for the PTE reading multiple choice multiple answer section, you need to understand what the question is asking you. It may ask you which statements are true based on the text. You may be asked which statements are explained in the text.

No matter what you are asked, you will have the ability to select as many answers as you want. The question will not tell you how many answers you need. It will give you the option to choose anywhere from one answer to all four.

When you choose the answer(s) to the question, you must be very careful about choosing only the answers that are correct. Choosing more answers will not give you more points. You will only get points if you get the answer correct. If you select too many answers, you will not get points for that question.

How to Get the Right Answer

In order to choose the correct answers, you need to read the passage carefully. Read the question you are given and each of the answers. Then, read through the text the first time. You may be able to eliminate one or more answers that are not accurate right away.

If you are not able to eliminate any answers, look at which ones you know are correct. Select those answers. If you have answers left that you are not sure if they are correct or incorrect, you will want to read the passage again.

In the single answer section, you only need to find one correct answer. In the PTE multiple choice multiple answer section, you are looking for every answer. This will help you decide if each answer is correct or incorrect.

What You Need to Know

Do not assume any of the answers are correct or incorrect based on your own beliefs, opinion, or prior knowledge. When you answer these questions, you are only using the information in the passage. If the information is not included in the passage, you must assume it is not necessary.

PTE Practice

Even though the text that you will be given to read will usually be factual, you still do not want to assume that any factual information you already know will apply. Instead, look for information in the text to back up what you think is correct. Then choose only those answers.

In this section, the answer will always be more than one choice. This means that you will never choose only one of the provided answers. If you read through the text and believe only one answer is correct, but you are in the multiple-choice multiple answer section, you must read it again.

There will always be at least two answers to every question you find in this section. You may have more than two answers, however. For example, there may be three answers, four or even five. Make sure that you read every answer and make an informed decision about whether it is correct or not.

When you are taking the PTE reading exam, pay attention to which section you are in at the time. If you are in the multiple-choice multiple answer PTE section, you must always select at least two answers. There will never be a question in this section that does not have at least two answers.

Even if you do not notice when you switch from the single answer to multiple answer section of the PTE, you will see that the answer options change. In the single answer section, you will have bubbles that only allow one selection. In the multiple answer section, you will have boxes that allow multiple selections.

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