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To prepare for the PTE reading multiple choice multiple answer, you will need to practice reading for comprehension. This means that you need to practice reading passages of text on several different subjects. You then need to practice understanding what that passage is saying.

How to Practice for the PTE Multiple Choice Multiple Answer

First, you need to find passages of text that you can read. You do not need to be interested in the topic or even know anything about the topic. This may help you when you are getting started, but it is not required. Then, you need to break that passage into sections of a single paragraph or up to 300 words.

Once you have your section read through it. Now, write down what that paragraph or section was about. Don’t spend a lot of time on this. Write down the first thing that comes into your mind of what the topic is about. Also, keep your summary short. In this section of the exam, you will be given short sentences as your answer.

Now that you know how to summarize the content take a moment to answer a few other questions. What main points were made in that section? What points were disproved? What were three main pieces that were included? Once you can identify these, you will be better prepared for the multiple-choice multiple answer PTE.

Choose All the Answers

Now, when you start practicing with real reading multiple choice multiple answer PTE passages, you need to understand how the questions work. In this section of the PTE, you will be given a single passage, just like in the single answer section. The difference here is that there will always be at least two answers to each question.

The answer options that you are given may or may not all be mentioned in the text. You will find all of the correct answers in the text, however. That means you should only select answers that are mentioned directly in the text. You should not use any information that you have from previous knowledge.

You also need to select all of the correct answers. There will be at least two correct answers to each question. However, there could be more. Any combination of answers could be correct, or all of the provided answers could be correct. Do not assume any of the answers, however. You will need to read the text.

Reading Through the Text

The best thing you can do is read the question being asked and the answers first. Once you have done this, then read the text. You will now know what you are looking for and will be able to spot the answers to your question more easily.

PTE  Practice

After you read through the text the first time, you should be able to find at least one or two answers that are correct. This does not mean you have found all of the answers, however. Read through the remaining answers that you are not sure of. Do you know that any of them are not true based only on what you read in the text?

If you can eliminate any, do so at this point. You may now have one or more remaining answers you are not sure about. You should read through the text a second time to verify the answers you already have (both correct and incorrect). You will also want to look for the answers that you don’t have yet.

Moving On

Once you have at least two answers and you have eliminated at least one of the remaining answers, you may be ready to move on to the next question. Remember, this is a timed section of your PTE exam. The reading multiple choice multiple answer PTE section is only one part of the entire reading section, and the timer is counting for the entire section.

You will need to read through each passage quickly and make your selections quickly as well. Do not spend too much time on any one question because you will find yourself running out of time when you get to the end of the test. Just make sure that you do not leave any questions blank in the process.

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