Pte Multiple Choice Multiple Answer

The PTE reading multiple choice single answer requires you to read a short passage and answer multiple-choice questions. The question will be based on what you read and should not require any prior knowledge to answer.

If you’re ready to practice for this section, consider looking at several samples that are available here. These samples will help you learn how to read each passage to get all of the information. But here are a few tips to help you as well.

Passing the PTE Multiple Choice Single Answer

First, read the question before you read the passage. Reading the question will let you know what you’re looking for as you read the text that you are given. This way, you don’t miss the important part of the text.

Next, remember, there is only one correct answer. You may read the question and answers and feel that more than one fits the text. This is not correct, however. You must look back at the text to decide which of the answers is the best fit.

If you are not sure about the correct answer, start by getting rid of answers that are not correct. If you look at the question and the answers and do not know the one correct answer, you should be able to eliminate at least one or more answers that are absolutely not correct. This will give you a better chance at getting the answer right.

Finally, answer every question. Do not leave a question blank if you do not think you know the answer. Instead, get rid of answers you know are not true and select one from the remaining choices. You may not get the question right, but if you do not at least try, you will automatically get the question wrong.

Types of Multiple Choice Single Answer PTE Questions

There are a few different types of questions that you may be asked for this section of the PTE. In general, they will ask you to choose the sentence that most accurately summarizes something, but what they want you to summarize may vary.

The Text. This type of question wants to know what answer best summarizes the entire text that you have read. You will want to read the text and decide what the main point or purpose of the information is to know what sentence offers the best summary.

The opinion of the author. This is not exactly the same as a summary of the text because you are looking for an opinion. It is not necessarily based on facts, but in the text, you should be able to find something about what the author believes.

Other questions may ask you about a specific part of the paragraph that you read. These questions will ask specifically about a statement that was made within the text. You should be able to find the information that you need quickly.

Practicing PTE Reading Multiple Choice Single Answer

Practice reading paragraphs for understanding. You don’t need to have PTE practice paragraphs. Instead, open a book of your choice and read one paragraph. Now, practice summarizing it in one sentence. Or try to figure out the point of that paragraph.

PTE Practice

Practicing with books you enjoy or with paragraphs from anything you read will help you with the process of summarizing or understanding the passage. From there, you can start working on actual multiple-choice choose single answer PTE reading samples. These will show you not only the passage but the sample questions and answers as well.

The PTE multiple choice single answer section of your exam should be one of the easier ones to complete. All of the information that you need is in the text that you are provided. You do not need to have prior knowledge of any specific subjects in order to complete this section of the exam.

All you need to know is how to read a piece of text and summarize it or how to read text to find the answer to a question. If you practice this part, you will be better prepared and ready to get a good score on this section of your test.

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