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PTE Listening Practice

The PTE Listening module is the final section of the PTE Academic/UKVI Exam, evaluating candidates' ability to comprehend English speech in academic contexts. This lengthy section comprises eight item types, with a collective timer emphasizing time management. Questions are audio or video-based, played automatically, requiring candidates to select, drag and drop, or type responses using a mouse, keyboard, and headset. Responses are scored by an automated system based on criteria such as comprehension, analysis, and vocabulary. Engaging in PTE Listening practice is essential for effective preparation, with platforms like Edubenchmark PTE offering test simulations to assess performance.


In the PTE exam's Listening section, various question types assess different skills. Summarize Spoken Text requires a 50-70 word summary of an audio lecture, testing listening and writing abilities. Highlight Correct Summary evaluates listening and reading skills by selecting the paragraph that best summarizes a recording. Listening Fill in the Blanks and Select Missing Words assess listening and writing by completing a transcript or identifying missing words. Write From Dictation, the final question, contributes to both listening and writing modules, requiring accurate transcription of an audio sentence. Other question types include multiple-choice and highlight-based tasks, each testing content or tone comprehension.

PTE Academic Listening Strategies - How to Score 79+ Easily in PTE Exam?

In this PTE Listening Strategies Guide from, we will try to explain and practice-

Listening Scores Explained
Question types to focus on to secure 79 or higher
Sample Questions

This video lesson will help you understand which parts of PTE should be considered in PTE test and Also, stay tuned for more updates!

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