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Studying the PTE Academic Speaking Repeat Sentence

When it comes to the PTE speaking, repeat sentence section, you want to pay attention to a few important factors. Once you know these, you’ll be able to do a whole lot better with your exam because you’re actually going to know what it takes to excel. It starts with understanding the instructions that go along with the exam.

1. Know When to Start

The first thing you need to focus on is when to get started. When it’s time for this part of the exam, you will not have any control over when the sentence begins. That means you need to sit down and be ready to start right away. You’ll have only a few seconds to take a deep breath and get yourself mentally prepared to listen and repeat whatever it is you’re going to hear.

2. Listen Carefully

When the PTE speaking repeat sentence begins make sure you’re listening closely. You won’t get another chance to listen. That means as soon as the recording begins you need to be listening and you need to make sure that you catch each word, the intonation and phrasing and the word order. All of these are things that you will be scored on. Missing any one of them could lose you points.

3. Take a Breath

Once the sentence is done, you will have only a few seconds to take another deep breath. Focus on what you heard and what you’re going to say. Keep in mind that you need to repeat exactly what you heard in exactly the same way. That means not changing, embellishing, adding, removing or stumbling in the process. It’s not an easy feat, but it is something that you can do. You just need to take a steadying breath to be ready.

4. Start On Time

That means, once again, you need to be ready. Keep watch on the recording bar. As soon as it starts to move, you need to start speaking. State the sentence you heard in exactly the way that you heard it. This is how you’re going to get full credit. You also need to make sure that you say the full sentence within the time frame that the recording gives you. Once it stops recording (which it will do automatically) you will not have a second chance to speak.

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5. Let it Go

You’re going to have several of these speaking repeat sentence questions to your exam. In fact, most exams will have between 10 and 12 of them. That means, once the recording is over, you need to let it go. You may have made a mistake or maybe you made several mistakes. You have to let it go and continue on to the next recording however. You won’t have a lot of time in between to dwell on mistakes. Brushing it off and continuing on will help you do better on the rest of the recordings.

6. Give Yourself a Break

You may make some mistakes when it comes to the speaking repeat sentence part of your PTE. That’s okay. You are not expected to be perfect even though you are being scored. Once you’ve completed the full exam or this full question type of the exam take some time to relax and mentally prepare yourself for the next question type or to continue home for the day. Once the test is over, it’s done anyway. There’s no reason to dwell on the good or bad until you receive your scores.

Wrap Up

Anyone who is working on PTE speaking repeat sentence practice should be looking at official practice guides and sentences. This will help you better prepare for what your exam is going to look like. Rather than assuming you know what to do, keep practicing repeating sentences right up until your test day. And check out our mock tests and practice questions to help you.

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