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Summarize Spoken Text

Preparing for the PTE listening exam involves mastering eight tasks, with the first being the listening summarize spoken text. This task challenges you to listen attentively to a short passage and then summarize it—a skill that requires practice to perfect. To excel in the listening summarize spoken text section, it's crucial to understand its purpose. This task evaluates your ability to grasp the main idea and key details of a spoken passage and then succinctly summarize them. The goal is to assess your comprehension skills in a listening context, emphasizing your capacity to extract essential information and convey it effectively. By focusing on practicing active listening and summarizing skills, you can enhance your readiness for this part of the exam. Regular practice with sample passages will sharpen your ability to listen attentively, identify important points, and craft concise summaries under timed conditions. This preparation ensures you're well-equipped to tackle the challenges posed by the PTE listening summarize spoken text section on exam day.
PTE Listening-Summarize Spoken Text
In this task, students must summarize an audio lecture within 50-70 words, evaluating their Listening and Writing skills. The time allotted for this question will not be carried forward to the next question.
Task Skills Assessed Prompt Length Number of Questions
After listening to a recording, write a 50 - 70 word summary Listening and Writing 60 - 90 seconds 1 - 2
Task After listening to a recording, write a 50 - 70 word summary
Skills Assessed Listening and Writing
Prompt Length 60 - 90 seconds
Number of Questions 1 - 2

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Ready to start studying?