Pte Reading Tips

The academic speaking test requires you to listen to a speaker and then answer the question that they have asked. With this test you will listen to a short question that takes only a few seconds to listen to. From there, you will be required to decide on an answer to the question and provide it on a recording.

Keep in mind that the question you listen to will be short. The answer that goes along with it should also be short. In fact, there will be many times where the answer will be only one or two words. You do not need to give your answer in a full sentence. You only need to say the words that answer the question.

Keep it Simple

When you listen to the question try to think of the shortest answer that you can give that will fulfill the question. If you were asked ‘what is your favorite color’ you would not respond with a long sentence or paragraph about your favorite color. You could simply state a color. The same is true with the PTE academic speaking test. Do not add extra words that are not necessary.

Any words that you add will be considered in scoring. If you use words incorrectly, pronounce them improperly or take too long on your answer you could lose points. Keeping your answer short and to the point helps you get as many points as possible.

Watch the Recording

Remember, you only have a set amount of time to record your answers. If you want to make sure the answer is fully recorded you must watch for when the recording starts. Keep in mind also that if you do not speak for three seconds the recorder will stop and you will not be able to record that section again.

PTE Practice

Listen Carefully

The questions you will be asked are meant to be easy. They are not meant to trick you or confuse you. If you listen carefully you will hear the question and be able to answer it. Do not assume that the question is harder than it sounds or that you have misunderstood. Questions could be about anything, but they will be questions you can easily answer.

Speak Clearly

No matter what you are asked the point of this section of the test is to judge your speaking ability. You must know how to speak like a native speaker. That means the words you use should be used properly, pronounced properly and grammatically correct. If you speak in a sentence the sentence must be grammatically correct.

By speaking clearly, enunciating your words clearly and not pausing in the middle of words or sentences you will be better prepared and will be able to get a better score on your exam. Listen to audio recordings of native speakers to get a better idea of how to answer general questions properly and practice repeating the answers and questions aloud.

Sample Questions

Listen to sample questions so you can get a better understanding of what you might be asked. Also, listen to sample answers for these questions. You may want to practice recording answers to sample questions so you feel more comfortable on the day of the exam.

Time Yourself

Practice the timing that you get for this type of question. Once you start speaking during the recording you will have to continue speaking until you are done with the answer. If you stop for more than 3 seconds the recording will stop and move to the next one.

With a little practice the PTE academic speaking test will be much easier for you. You will be prepared for the questions and the answers you need to give. Not only that but you will be able to speak the way you are supposed to, as a native speaker.

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