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Getting Ready for the PTE Speaking Read Aloud Section

When it comes to practicing for the PTE speaking read aloud, a section of your exam, you want to make sure that you are comfortable with the English language. You need to read and speak at the same time. That can be difficult to master. But if you practice hard, you absolutely can get where you need to be. Take a look at these speaking tips and tricks to help you with the process.

Be Prepared to Be Confused

That may sound daunting but the truth of the matter is that you may be confused by some of the things you read. You may not recognize some of the words or the content itself may not make sense to you. If you sit down expecting to know exactly what the text says and you don’t, you could feel overwhelmed, which might cause you to make mistakes you normally wouldn’t. On the other hand, if you understand that you might be confused, chances are that you would find be more relaxed when you see the text.

Be Prepared to Make Mistakes

You won’t be perfect when you read the text in front of you. And that’s okay. Native English speakers don’t always pronounce things the same way. They also tend to add in filler words occasionally. They might stumble over words, even if they know the word. All of these things happen to native speakers and it’s okay if they happen to you. Being prepared to make mistakes means that when they happen, you can brush them off and just keep going instead of dwelling on them. If you dwell on the mistake, it might actually make you commit even more mistakes.

Be Prepared to Get Nervous

The PTE speaking read aloud is an important component as it contributes maximum scores towards overall reading and speaking PTE scores. So, if you sit down at the table and you feel nervous, that’s all right, it’s perfectly acceptable and normal for you to feel nervous. By accepting that this is something you’re going to feel you’ll be more accepting of it when you do feel nervous. You won’t let it overwhelm you and stop you from completing the exam. Instead, you’ll know that this is normal and all you need to do is breath and keep going.

Be Prepared to Do Something Silly

When you’re nervous or you feel like you’re under pressure, it’s entirely normal to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. Maybe you know every word in front of you but you make a mistake on something that you’ve never had a problem with before. Maybe you miss the beep, pause too long, freeze up or do any number of different things that you can’t believe. Once again, this is completely normal with the PTE speaking read aloud or any other exam that you take. Accept that you did something you didn’t expect to do and just keep going.

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Be Prepared for the Unexpected

When you walk into that room on test day there’s no telling how you’re going to feel or what you’re going to experience. There’s no way to know what the specific content in front of you is going to be or how difficult you’re going to find it. So, be prepared for anything to happen. Be prepared for something you’ve never seen before to be in that text or for you to experience feelings that you haven’t had before. If you’re prepared for anything, it’s not going to get the better of you.

Speaking Read Aloud Practice Content

Based on these points, take a deep breath, and read aloud the given passage. Make sure to incorporate the strategies we listed above as you read.

  • Sample question of read aloud

The qualifications gained and the skills developed on this course will provide a good basis for gaining employment in office work. In addition to word processing, the course also covers spreadsheets, computerised accounting, databases and desktop publishing. All students are given chances to develop their confidence, and advice and information are given on job search skills, presentation techniques, and personal appearance.

Wrap Up

When it comes to taking the PTE speaking read aloud, you want to practice with content that’s as close to the content you’ll find on the PTE exam as possible. Take a look at our PTE speaking read aloud practice tests and practice questions to get a little more help and make sure you’re as ready as you can be. That way, when each of these things happens, you’re going to know exactly what to do.

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