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What You Need to Know About the PTE Speaking Repeat Sentences Section

The PTE academic speaking repeat sentence section requires not only a good understanding of the English language and how to speak it, but also a good memory. In this section of the exam, you’ll be required to not only listen to a sentence in English but repeat it back after only hearing it the one time. That means you’re going to have to learn how to listen very carefully to get ready.

There are several different pieces to being able to do well on this question type of the PTE exam you need to follow along with each of the different aspects that we’re going to talk about below including intonation, word order, words themselves, punctuation and fluency. These five aspects are the main part of what you’re going to be scored on.

Pay Attention to Intonation

The intonation that you hear in the PTE speaking practice repeat sentence is going to help you to remember it. That’s because that natural intonation gives you natural breaking points, which stick in your head even better than trying to read or listen to something in a monotone or flat voice. The intonation is also going to be part of the task that you will be scored on. If there is stress or emphasis on specific parts of the sentence you need to repeat those to get the full marks.

Pay Attention to Word Order

It’s not enough just to remember all of the words that are said. You need to remember them in the proper order. How do you do that? You’ll need to be listening very carefully and processing the words as you hear them. As you hear the sentence for the first time you need to focus only on the speaker and the words that you hear. You’ll have only two seconds after the speaker finishes talking before you need to start. If you mix up the word order you’ll still get credit, but you won’t get full credit.

Pay Attention to Fluency

How fluent do you sound when you’re speaking? It’s not just about intonation, but also about how smooth your words sound and how easily you say them. Are you able to maintain a normal pace and rhythm? Do you hesitate, skip, repeat or start and stop? These things will cost you points and that’s going to hurt your score. Being able to speak fluently is going to help you boost your score, especially if you have any mistakes in wording or intonation.

Pay Attention to the Words

The word order is the most important part of the content, but you also want to make sure that you’re using the right words. It’s common for words to be missed or for you to use a different word than the one that was originally said. These things are going to cost you points and lower your score. Instead, make sure that you are using the exact words that were used in the original sentence. This will help you with the other parts of the scoring like intonation and fluency as well.

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Pay Attention to Punctuation

This is another piece that goes along with intonation, but also deserves its own category. The punctuation in the sentence isn’t something you’re going to see. You will be able to hear it as you listen to the recording however. You should make sure that you are speaking in the same way so that the punctuation still comes through clearly.

Sample Sentences for the PTE Speaking Repeat Sentence Questions

Practice the Exam

Practicing the speaking repeat sentence questions of the PTE is important to make sure you can easily follow the instructions. You need to be able to listen carefully enough that you can hear a sentence one time and repeat it, word-for-word. If you’ve already practiced some there’s still no reason to stop. Instead, take a look at the mock tests and practice questions available here to get ready for the exam the best way you can.

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