Pte Answer Short Question

The PTE short answer question type requires you to listen to a question and record your answer. In this section of the exam you will have to show your skill in listening, understanding and speaking the English language. If you can accomplish all three of these tasks you will do well with this question type.


The first part of doing well with the PTE speaking answer short question is listening to the question. Each question will be short and the answer required will also be short. You need to make sure you listen to the entire question so you can prepare a correct answer.


While you’re listening you also need to try to understand what the question is asking you to do. Each question will have an answer. You need to listen to decide what the question means and how you are going to answer it when it is time.


Finally, you will need to record your answer to the question. This will show your fluency when speaking. It will also show whether you listened and understood the question that was asked. Based on the way you answer the question you will be scored.

PTE  Practice

Sample PTE Short Answers

Tips for the PTE Short Answer

Here are a few simple facts that will make it easier for you to do well at the PTE short answer. These facts and tips will help you prepare better for this question type.

  1. There are 10 answers stored at a time. If you are taking the PTE short answer you will have only 10 questions at once and then you may have another set of questions. Do not record more than 10 answers because recording additional answers will get previous answers deleted.
  2. Recording 11 (or more) answers will remove old answers. If you record an 11th answer then answer 1 will be deleted and each of your other answers will move up one space. If you record a 12th answer then answer 2 will also be deleted. This will continue until you stop recording.
  3. The answers are short. The answer to each PTE speaking short questions and answers is short. You will not need complete sentences or multiple sentences in order to answer. You may only need a single word to give the correct answer.
  4. The questions are meant to be simple. The questions in this section of the PTE are meant to be simple. You should not have to think too hard about the answer because it should be obvious to you. The important part is how well you listen and understand.
  5. Speak clearly. Just because you are not saying a lot of words doesn’t mean that clarity and fluency are not important. You still need to prove that you can speak like a native speaker. Enunciate words properly and use only as many words as you need to.
  6. Speak simply. There is no reason to use big words or less common words just because you can. Instead, use simple words that fulfill the requirement and answer the question. If you use difficult words you put yourself at a bigger risk of making a mistake. It’s better to use words you are positive you know than to incorrectly use a larger or more difficult word.

PTE Speaking Short Answer Questions Latest

This question type should not be the most difficult one on your exam. It should be one of the easier question types that you need to complete. Because the questions are short and simple to understand and the answers are short as well, this should not take much time. That doesn’t mean that you should skip practice.

When you practice the PTE speaking short answer you should practice giving answers in as few words as possible. Make sure that you say enough to get the answer across to a listener. At the same time, do not use more words than necessary. If you can give the answer with just two words then use two words. If you need to use five then use five. Keeping your answers short will mean you are less likely to make a mistake.

Wrap Up

You can do well on the PTE speaking short answer section if you know what you’re doing when you walk in the door. Listen carefully, make sure you understand and then answer the question clearly.

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