In some countries, students pay their college or university fees, while in some others, government pays for them. Do you think the advantages that government pays the money outweigh the disadvantages? Give reasons and examples.

In many countries, whether students or the government should pay for college or university fees has triggered a heated debate among the public. In my opinion, both views have their arguments.

Obviously, there are many advantages if the government can shoulder this responsibility. One such major advantage is that it would encourage young people to receive higher education. Provided that the government can pay for the university fees, students from low-income families would be encouraged to continue their study instead of working after their high school, which would benefit their career prospect. Another benefit is to create more talents for a country. With the free education provided by the government, more students can go to colleges and universities to broaden their knowledge and specialise their skills. As a result, in the future the country will have sufficient professionals and skilled labour to develop economy and public services.

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However, there are some disadvantages. To start with, it lays a huge financial burden on the government. In order to pay the tuition fee for each student, the government has to allocate a large portion of budget to education, thereby causing a significant deficit to a country. Moreover, it would be a waste of resource if students are simply encouraged to go to university only because it is free rather than pursuing their own interests. This waste could also impede the development of other important areas such as infrastructure and medical services to a country because of the limited resources the government have.

In conclusion, although it may cost a large sum of money, I still think the government should pay college and university fee for their citizens. This is because this investment in education can benefit both individuals and the whole country.

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