Factors Measuring A Country’s Success Economic progress

Economic progress is one way to measure the success of a country. Some people think other factors are also important. What other factors should be considered? Within these factors, do you think anyone is more important than the others?

It is true that economic growth is normally considered a strong indicator of a nation’s success. However, many people think, that other factors such as equality and freedom are no less significant. To my way of thinking, I tend to believe that how the disadvantaged are treated tells the most about a nation.

For a variety of reasons, the majority of us equate economic development with success. Perhaps chief among these is that a strong economy is mistakenly viewed as the prerequisite for any advancement in any other field. Although things like the quality of education and medical accessibility need to be backed up by a strong economy, prioritizing economic development often leads to neglecting the imminent needs in educational and medical sectors. Economic success is by no means the only index of success.

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Conversely, a country’s success should be measured in other dimensions such as the quality of life of an average citizen, the success in reducing poverty. An overall economic success does not always guarantee that the wealth created is distributed fairly and equally among all residents.  In developing countries, corruption and exploitation means that the wealth is in the hands of the privileged minority. This leaves the poor struggling to put food on the table let alone live a decent life.

Importantly, any country’s attitude to its less advantaged citizens is the strongest implication of its success, as this requires not only economic well-being but a great deal of civilization. For example, in most of developed countries, building designs are being modified to allow access to disabled persons, and there are also laws for paid leaves for expecting mothers. Those sorts of things are missed out in developing countries, despite of the recent economic successes.

In conclusion, although economic success is critical, there are other key factors to consider when measuring a country’s success. Personally, I think the way the less privileged are looked after is the strongest indicator.

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  1. Economic success measured by GDP has to be adjusted with the risk associated with GDP growth. Moreover GDP is a very poor measure of a country’s wealth as it is not sustainable in financial crisis situations.

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