Ambition good or bad

It is believed that everyone should have an ambition to become successful in life. Is it really important to have these ambitions? Is being ambitious good or bad?

There are many people who believe that being ambitious is important and the key to succeed in life. Personally, I strongly concur on this contention for two reasons.

First of all, I believe that having ambitions would contribute to people’s versatile-development through a number of components. They prompt people to set up a plan, make commitment, and put great efforts in order to achieve their goal in life. In the course of this process, they would gain appropriate skills and knowledge and, most importantly, experience that is necessary to live through in life. In this way, they would make wise decisions under any circumstance that they confront.

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Furthermore, it is a generally well-known fact that financial resources are crucial in life and one’s ambition may play a key role in achieving them. A person with an ambition is more likely to make fortune and fame out of it compared to those who live without life-goals. For example, if there is a guy who wants to be a lawyer and eventually achieves it with all his hard-work later, he is able to support his family financially. By contrast, a person without any ambition often tends not to be hard-working and studying and, therefore is most likely to end up becoming a law-class in society. This guy may be struggling to support his family due to relatively lower income.

In conclusion, I have a strong faith that making oneself ambitious is good due to the facts that it improves a quality of people and brings fortune that is needed to feed on family members.

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