Gender Pay Gap in Europe

Recent research has shown that within the European Union the largest difference between the earnings of men and women exists in the UK. Many equal rights campaigners believe that immediate action should be taken to close the gender pay gap. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

Many equal rights campaigners advocate taking immediate action to narrow the pay gap between males and females, which is prominent in the UK among European countries. I partially agree with this idea.

It is a truth, admittedly, that some employers hold biases when deciding the amount of wages to be paid to male and female employees at the same position. They have the stereotype that men are always better than women even if they are equally capable of doing the same job due to the traditional conception of their status in the society. From deep within they regard women as second-class citizens, and men, as a result, often enjoy better chances of being promoted to higher positions, where they are sure to earn higher salaries.

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On most occasions, however, I believe the gender pay gap is the natural consequence of their biological and intellectual differences. Firstly, men are physically stronger than women, so it is s justifiable for them to be paid more in certain labor jobs. Secondly, men often show more talent in science and technology, which tend to be the major forces contributing to making fortune and creating value in today’s society. Finally, women’s career is often interrupted by bearing and rearing children, which makes it impossible for them to devote as much time and energy into work as men are able to do.

In conclusion, the prejudices against women existing in some cases are worth taking steps to overcome. Nevertheless, men and women are unlikely to be paid equally in every area unless all the gender differences in body and mind disappear.

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