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The diagram below shows how online purchases are made.

Describe the process of online purchase.

IELTS Report 16


The flow chart illustrates the process of online shopping; this mechanism involves interactions amongst the merchant, the buyer and the credit company.

OET Writing

First of all, the buyer must order the product online and provide their credit card information in order for the merchant company to check their authenticity (the card must belong to the buyer), and the available funds. In this stage, the credit card can be either accepted or rejected.

In case of the credit card being accepted, the order will be successfully made then the retail company requests for the money from the credit company. The final stage for this case is that Credit Company sends the demanded amount of money to the retail company.

Conversely, if the card is rejected, the merchant will receive a notification from the credit card company. In the last step, the order is declined and canceled by the merchant and a notification is sent to the buyer about the canceled purchase.

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