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Attention PTE-Academic Test Takers !

Have you been taking PTE test time and again but still not able to make your desired score? You’re not alone! Achieving target PTE-Academic score requires not just practice, but also smart preparation. Knowing which questions to practice to maximise your score is half the job.
By now, you must be aware that 20 PTE question types vary in their contribution to the overall PTE 90. Not just that, some questions are integrated, which means, for instance in Read Aloud you get marks not just for speaking but reading too. Therefore, by practising most important question types, you can easily achieve your desired score.
Our experienced PTE teachers have analysed thousands of PTE scores and developed a tool which accurately predicts which PTE question types might be preventing you from hitting your target and by practising those you can score much higher marks.
Benchmark Smart PTE Advisor does this for you. So, you no longer have to feel clueless as to how you can accomplish 60, 65 or 79 each in PTE. The process is very easy. You simply need to upload your PTE result, make sure the details are correct in our form and click the submit button. Our smart advisor will then objectively analyse your score in each component and will try ascertain what marks you might have achieved in each of the 20 question types. It will then look at your target score and prepare a report which will let you know exactly which question types you need to practice more to achieve that desired score. Its that simple!
Some of the best features of our advice:

  1. Quick turnaround - You will have the Advice in your email in less than 1 hour
  2. Transparent - will also show you possible achieve score in each module and final score
  3. Unbiased - Our smart engine only focuses on your past score, not on your background or nationality.
  4. Money-back Guarantee – Get 50% of your money back if your score does not improve
Still not sure! Here, you can see for yourself Sample Advice Report    

Smart PTE Advice ($10)

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