1. Should I write British spelling in my OET letter?

CBLA accepts both British and American spelling. You can use either British or American spelling but ensure consistency with one spelling throughout your OET letter.

2. Should I write in block capitals in the letter?

In case of paper based OET test, it is alright to use block writing style. You should remain consistent with block capitals throughout your letter if you want to write using block capital style. However, you cannot use block capitals writing style in OET on Computer exam.

3. Where should I use capital letters?

You can use capital letter for all the proper nouns like names, job titles, cities, towns, etc., Also, each sentence starts with a capital letter. Pronoun ‘I’ is always written with capital letter. Read this wonderful OET Grammar Guide on Capitalisation

4. Will I lose a mark for typos or pen-slips?

Well! It is very human to cause a typos or slips error, so don’t worry. You will not lose marks for a misspelled word if it is once only. However, if the word has been misspelled repeatedly, it will be counted as mistake and has the potential to affect your scores in OET writing subtest. Follow this useful guide on OET Writing spelling mistakes.

5. Which parts in OET letter are included in the word count?

Not everything is counted!

Only the body paragraphs will be counted for estimate word count (180-200 words). Addresses, greetings, closings and salutations are not counted in the word limit. Watch this OET Word Count video.

6. Does the writing subtest assessor count number of lines or pages?

Some people write bigger and some write smaller words, so your OET letter can end on just one page or can extend up to 3 pages. The OET assessors will not count lines or pages. So, you shouldn’t worry about it.

7. How many lines should I leave between different sections of the OET letter?

You can leave one line between different sections of your letter and between body paragraphs. Writing the whole letter leaving one line between lines is strongly discouraged. So, don’t try to make every line distinct for any reasons by leaving lines unnecessarily.

8. How many paragraphs should I write?

There is no fix count for number of paragraphs, but you should write around 3 to 5 body paragraphs. Remember the criteria for marking while writing paragraphs i.e., content, purpose, preciseness, etc. to remain on track for appropriate word limit and a well written letter. Also, read this effective guide on paragraphing in OET Writing.

9. Can I write below the last line on my answer sheet?

No, you should only write in the lines.

10. Can I take or ask for a rough paper from the invigilator?

You don’t need to bring or ask for any sheet during the OET test. There is some space specified for rough work in the end of your answer sheet which will not be marked. You can utilize that space for brainstorming of ideas for your writing subtest.

11. What should be included in the reference line besides patient’s name and age?

Reference line should only have patient’s name and age. If you do not know about the age, you can write the date of birth. Marital status, occupation, addressees, etc. should not be part of the reference line. Learn how to write reference line in OET letters here.

12. If my handwriting is bad, will it affect my OET scores?

Handwriting is not a marking criterion. However, if your handwriting is not legible, the assessor will not be able to read and comprehend your content which might affect your overall score in writing subtest.

Don’t Worry!
If you are not confidence about your handwriting, you have two solutions. First, improve your handwriting by doing some calligraphy exercises. Second, take OET on Computer exam if you are screen-friendly and good with typing skills.

13. How should I end my letter?

You should write an appropriate closing sentence which will not be counted in word count. You can write “Yours Sincerely” or “Yours Faithfully” to keep the ending FORMAL. Write your job title in the end. Do not add any extra information.

14. What format is acceptable for writing date in OET letter?

British date format (dd/mm/yy) and American date format(mm/dd/yy) are equally acceptable with full forms. Remember that you should not use short form (2/11/22) in formal letters. Here is the format for writing a date in OET letters.

15. Where should I write date?

Date can be written at two acceptable positions given below:

Date (This is one acceptable position)

Recipient’s Name
Address (continued)


Recipient’s Name
Address (continued)

Date (This is the other acceptable position)


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