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In some countries older people are being encouraged to work longer and not to retire. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working beyond retirement age.

Most people choose to retire after reaching the age of sixty five. Benefits drawn from company pensions and government funding are some driving factors behind their decision. Although people in some countries encourage their senior citizens to lead a peaceful retired life, others differ in opinion and believe that their aged compatriots must keep working for as long as they can. Working beyond the retirement age has its pros and cons, which will be analyzed before drawing a reasoned conclusion.

For one, it is said that retirement is destructive and old people must keep their body and mind active by engaging in some constructive work. The governments of many nations support employment initiatives for their aged citizens. For example, Walmart in USA employs people over sixty. They are assigned jobs which suit their capabilities. Thus, working after retirement gives senior people an opportunity to socialize, be involved with their communities and earn some money.

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Conversely, people in some nations strongly oppose the idea of employing aged citizens. For instance, Indians do not like to burden their old family members with stressful responsibilities. This is because working after a certain age compromises with the physical well- being of a person. Therefore, aged people must be encouraged to enjoy their golden age and lead a stress free life.

After analyzing these two stances, it can be recommended that senior citizens must be given the freedom to work if they are keen on pursuing jobs that suit them. The decision must be left entirely to their discretion, albeit with their doctor’s approval.

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