Worsening children's behaviour
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Some say that the standard of behaviour among children has worsened and that this is their parents’ fault; others say that schools are to blame. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is often heard that the behaviour of children has worsened. Some people argue that it is parents’ fault and others consider that schools are responsible.

Some people think that it is the sole responsibility of parents to educate their children. People say that parents are the only ones who are able to influence their children. For example, if a child gets into a trouble, it is the parents’ responsibility to take action. Further, many people think that the parents are the ones to be blamed if a child has behavioural issues because they are the ones who have raised the child. For instance, if a child is very aggressive, it is probably the mother or the father that should be held responsible.

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However, many people hold a completely different opinion. These people argue that it is schools that should be blamed and not parents. For example, teachers often have an enormous influence on children. Thus, if a child gets into trouble, the teachers are responsible for taking care of the child. Furthermore, children spend a lot of time at school. Therefore, teachers usually have the best possibilities to educate the children.

In conclusion, it seems clear to me that schools have a greater influence on children. Furthermore, teachers should be role models for children. Thus, my strong opinion is that schools are the reason why the standard of behaviour among children has worsened. Schools have a better chance to teach children how to behave both inside and outside the classroom.

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