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Emigration is a natural consequence of an individual’s desire to improve their lives. Therefore there should be no restrictions on international migration. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

One of the central premises of emigrating is to improve quality of someone’s life and it is felt that for human right, there should be no border controls between Western countries and their less-rich neighbors. Nevertheless, it is asserted that this will cause lots of negative impacts when compared to having sophisticated methods of control.

Firstly, moral foundations of liberal democracies will be threatened by exotic culture unless there are adamant and border policies on international migration. It is stressed that culture assimilation may be the central issue in the foreseeable future as more and more Asian emigrants step into Australia to seek greater employment opportunities. Features of distinct Australia such as traditional dress, ingrained rituals and religious practices now seem not to be fortified because they have been replaced by similarities in clothing, music and cultural tradition imported from Asian states.

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In addition, economic wealth and security tend to decrease in quality provided that restrictive measures do not apply on migration governance. It is argued that external control to migration flows before they reach their destination countries and internal control after migration are essential. The reason for this is because the government needs to assure the safety and well-being of all their residents including refugees. Therefore, strict control border policies and selective process in choosing appropriate migrants play a pivotal role in securing people of developed countries. Also, it is thought to be one of the efficient ways to help avoid destabilization of economic growth.

In conclusion, it is human nature to have their lives improved and emigrating is one of possible ways to satisfy their desire. However, restrictive measures in terms of border controls need to be imposed in developed nations in order to avoid cultural blurring and insecurity.

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