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IELTS Sample Essay 15 – International Travel

The growth in international travel means that misunderstandings between countries will inevitably decrease. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Travel involves not only visiting a new placebut also exploring and experiencing the food, culture and lifestyle. Nowadays, overseas travel has become safe, easy and convenient than what it used to be in past centuries. I agree that there are more advantages when people travel overseas as it unlocks any misapprehension that they previously d had and improves economy of the host country.

Mostly, everyone likes to travel as it provides an opportunity to learn about different cultures, values, experience different cuisines and acquire knowledge about history of other places. People can come to know about different lifestyles and also learn different languages. Tourism enhances financial and economic growth of the nation. Various political and other sensitive issues can be sorted between different countries.

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The above-mentioned positive facts will help to ease any misunderstandings which people and nations might have. But, there are certain negative factors which can arise with international travel. Sometimes, people tend to forget to respect different values and cultures. Foreigners are often targeted as people have many wrong opinions about them. Cleanliness and safety becomes a serious issue when people don’t follow the civic and traffic rules and guidelines. Problems such as pollution, environmental damage and drug trafficking impose a threat to the nation.

In conclusion, international travel widens people’s perspective and provides more knowledge about various things. It provides an opportunity to come closer and share different values, food and cultures. At the same time, certain measures should be taken by government to eliminate and control the negative aspect while safeguarding the interests of people and the nation.

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