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Water is in short supply in many countries of the world, but consumption of water by families is increasing. Why is this happening? What can be done to preserve water?

The subject of gradual increase in the consumption of water by families in recent times is quite a serious issue in modern society. We need to focus on the reasons with a close insight and possible solutions to this problem.

As we all know in modern world crisis of water is a big issue and if not handled carefully it will lead to serious concern for everybody. Water is being used in each and every sectors starting from the industries to the household requirements. The usage of water has increased manifold in the families and one of the major reasons behind this is higher number of sophisticated items utilized nowadays. This includes varieties of washing machines, dishwashers, high end bathroom fittings and items keep on increasing in a rapid way to suit the requirements of the customers.

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Turning to the possible solutions of this problem, firstly we need to educate ourselves. It is to be understood that the source of water used by us is not unlimited and every effort shall be made to preserve and minimize the losses. A range of media advertisements and awareness programs are already in place to keep people alert on this. In some countries, governments are increasing the bill for water consumption by few percentages to keep the situation under control. Also, in some countries,like Japan, taxes are being imposed for drained out quantity of water along with intake. This will definitely reduce the consumption as people know they will also have to pay for the drainage or sewage water.

In conclusion, as we all know that water reserve is not consistent in all places, there will be huge demand for water in the coming days and we need to be more responsible in using this judiciously as much as possible.

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