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There are less female than male leaders in history. Why is this? Do you think that this will change in the future?

Our history is full of achievers and leaders. It had been noticed that there were less female leaders as compared to male. Although this scenario has changed to a great extent nowadays, but still in the past the situation was completely opposite. This was due to different reasons.

Initially, if we look into the past we find that women were not treated equal. They were denied their rights. Women had been considered as weaker sex. As for being a leader a person should be able to face the harsh politics of the world, handle pressure, take decisions good or bad, need skill to handle people of different attitudes. In olden times it was the upbringing of the women that they grew into polite, caring, less violent and submissive individuals whereas men had all the qualities to lead.

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Presently, women are becoming more and more independent and they take active part in the formation and implementation of rules. Women are rubbing shoulders with men in every field be it heading the education system, company, politics, defense, etc. It has been proved that women are more responsible and hard working. These qualities help women to pave their way to the topmost positions in this male dominated world.

In future it is evident that we will see many women leaders in all walks of life and they will prove that they are worth it. This can bring new revolution in this current violent situation. Our future generations will grow up as adults thinking both from mind and heart just like women.

To conclude we can say that although in the past we saw less women leaders but through constant hard work and tolerance women have earned respect to handle more and more responsible positions.

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