Meeting someone for the first time
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Meeting someone for the first time through the internet is never a good idea. Do you agree?

It is manifestly clear that we are facing an increasing reliance on the internet. People try to meet friends through it even if they have never met each other before. Such trend, admittedly, produces problems to some extent, but is quite valuable for us, since it adds to the efficiency of communication.

Establishing contacts via the internet has the reputation of being dangerous, uncertain and unsafe. The chief problem is that you have little idea about who is sitting in front of the screen on the other end of the web: is it a criminal wanted, or a cold-blooded outlaw. Through the messages being exchanged, you can by no means assure their validity and certainty. In this case, how can we build trust with the chatting mate via cyberspace? So it seems the internet may be far from a wise choice to set-up personal links.

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This opinion, however, does not survive the experiences in which trust has already been built in advance. That particularly applies to the daily work in a company, especially an international one. It is not necessary for an employee newly joining to get familiar with all the staff before embarking on his work. But as the colleagues come from the same corporation, they are trusted correspondingly as a result, so that confidential information can be transferred without any barrier.

Granted, even under such circumstance, leakage of information and pirating are inevitable if some employees commit crimes against the company. But this only happens rarely if sufficient protecting regulations have been applied.

In conclusion, whether meeting someone new through the internet is a good approach depends on the level of trust. Without something of this kind, communication of any kind will be by no means fruitful. The implications of all this is that it is not the means of communication that matters, but the establishment of trust.

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