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Need OET Writing Feedback?

OET letter writing cosists of several types but the main ones are based on referral, urgent, discharge, transfer or update scenario types. A great way to learn is to read OET writing samples and taking sample tests for nurses or doctors based on your occupation. It's a good approach to practice OET listening samples and take sample test medicine for oet on computer.

In order to pass the OET writing subset, you are required to write between 180 and 200 words in 40 minutes. A sample OET letter will follow the right structure starting with introduction, followed by past medical history, hospitalisation (if any), current condition and ongoing care required. The order may vary but information is broadly the same. It goes without saying that the fewer the mistakes in the letter, the higher the OET marks. Therefore, make sure your grammar skills are good. Word choice is equally important in OET exam sample letter. Poor choice of words may change the meaning of the sentence causing loss of marks.