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OET Writing subtest is about writing a formal letter where there is no scope of mistakes.

This guide discusses how to write the address of the recipient in an OET letter.

The previous guide talked about Date format in an OET Letter

1. Where to find the recipient’s name and address?

Recipient’s name and address are usually included at the end of the case notes under the heading ‘Writing Task’ of OET case notes.

If the job profile/occupation is not given in the above-mentioned section, please read the end of the letter, which discusses the expected care/action by the addressee.

2. How to organize the recipient’s name and address?

The address can be typically arranged in the following order based on what is given in the case notes.

Recipient Name(as given in the case notes) with appropriate titleDr Sarah Reynolds
Job TitleGeneral Physician
Institution Name Hospital/Clinic/Facility/AgencyBluebird Old Age Home
Street Name89 Westend Avenue
City NameCharleville

NOTE: If the recipient’s name is not given in the case notes, the job title can be given at the start.

3. Should the recipient’s name and address be punctuated and capitalized?

The first alphabet of the title and all the words should be capitalized.

The address with or without punctuations is acceptable.

Both approaches are Acceptable

Dr Sarah ReynoldsDr Sarah Reynolds,
General PhysicianGeneral Physician,
Bluebird Old Age HomeBluebird Old Age Home,
89 Westend Avenue89 Westend Avenue,

NOTE: Avoid capitalizing or punctuating the name and address partially.

4. Where to write the address?

The address can be written above or below the date of the letter. A single space should be maintained between them.

NOTE: The positions of the date of the letter and address are interchangeable.

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  1. How many spaces should I have, after I write the address and the date?
    And how many spaces between each paragraph?

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