re in oet letter

Reference Line is written to introduce the patient to the addressee. It is indicated as RE: or Re:

1. Contents of the reference line

The reference line is structured as follows, and it should include only the following information.

Full name of the patient, Date of Birth/Age of the Patient

On a line, it is a structured as given below
RE: Full name of the patient, DOB: dd/mm/yy

However, writing DOB below the reference line (without space) is acceptable.
RE: Full name of the patient
DOB: dd/mm/yy

NOTE: Avoid using a comma/period at the end of reference line.

1.1. Patient’s Name

It is required to write the patient’s full name in the reference line. Writing a title is optional.

1.2. Date of Birth/Age of the Patient

Write DOB in the reference line if given in the case notes.

If DOB is NOT given in the case notes, write the age in the reference line.

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2. Information that should be avoided in the reference line

Avoid including the following details of the patient in the reference line.

Gender of the patient
Marital status
Job/Profession of the patient
Social habits

a 25-year-old male/single woman/factory worker/smoker

If there is a need to consider another individual as part of expected care/action in the letter, please mention only the name of the patient as per the case notes in the Re: line.

RE: Mr. Simon Andrews and his wife (Similar entries should be avoided)

3. Position of the Re: line

The reference line can be written above or below the ‘Greeting’ in the letter. A single space should be maintained between them.

NOTE: The positions of the reference line and greeting are interchangeable.

4. Criterion

Inclusion of a reference line is part of the letter structure/format; therefore, a missing reference line will affect the score for the criterion ‘Organization and Layout’.

NOTE: Reference line (RE: ) not required when the letter is written to the patient or his/her relative. Example, pharmacy letters.

4 thoughts on “How to Write the Reference Line in OET Letters”

  1. do we need to avoid including the age in the RE: line, If they provided only the patient’s age, instead of his or her DOB?

    example- ( Patient’s full name), DOB: dd/mm/Y [ I know this write]

    – ( Patient’s full name), Age: 23-year-old [ Is this wrong]

  2. Regarding update letter if they not mention gp in writing task ,, in layout what I need to write in Specialty of the dr

  3. Hi,This is to enquire 1-whether we need to put coma after the word age on the line of reference.
    2-Is there any latest updation regarding connective words in OET writing.Some acadamies teache that words such as eventhoug,although,because of,but etc.Would you mind giving the reply please.

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