PTE Secrets

Did you know that even native speakers of English can fail the PTE test?

You read that right. Even if you grow up in an English-speaking country, it is not a guarantee that you will pass the PTE exam.

Perhaps you’ve received top marks in your English classes and tests since grade school, but the PTE exam is an entirely different story.

Before you hyperventilate, know that it is possible to ace this language proficiency exam. Keep thesePTE exam tips in mind, and you are closer to getting that coveted perfect score.

2 Secrets for PTE Exam Success

Secret #1: Preparation is key

If you’ve put in the effort, you’re already halfway to your goal.

The hours you’ve spent on mental conditioning, reading, and speaking practice are worth it. Keep in mind that you also have to brush up on your test-taking and time management skills.

Remember that this test is designed to scrutinize your capacity to function in an English-centric environment. Be it a university, office, or training program, the assumption is that you can only use this language to communicate.

PTE is primarily an assessment of your communication skills, but that’s not the only thing it measures. You are also being assessed on your social interaction, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Secret #2: You need to survive PTE test centers

Test centers are supposed to be quiet places, but most PTE testing sites are stressful and noisy. Add in nervous test-takers and strict security measures, and you may be tempted to turn around and go back home.

While taking the test, you are assigned a small cubicle that is not soundproof. Instead, expect to hear the constant tapping on the keyboard, people reading aloud, and others talking to their computers for the next three hours.

PTE Practice

Unless you want to be accused of cheating, you don’t do anything suspicious like stretching and doing excessive and unnecessary movements. You can’t even drink water or eat a cracker while taking the exam.

If you want to pass the exam, you have to adapt, fast.

What Can You Do?

Here are some strategies to ensure your communication skills are up to par:

  1. Be honest about your current proficiency level.
  2. Create a realistic PTE study timetable. You need several weeks, ideally more, to prepare.
  3. Be open to all learning methodologies.
  4. Get feedback from experienced language teachers or coaches.
  5. Re-evaluate yourself and identify improvements from the initial assessment.

Test-takers often neglect to factor in a chaotic testing environment. Simulate the exam setting so that you get used to performing under pressure.

  1. Read a book in the middle of a noisy train station.
  2. Listen to a podcast in a public park.
  3. Record yourself while someone is watching TV in the same room.
  4. Answer a survey while listening to your favorite playlist.
  5. Hold practice conversations with a study partner in a crowded hallway.

These activities will train your brain to filter out irrelevant information and focus on what needs to be done.

Don’t just wing the PTE test. Keep these tips in mind and follow them to get that coveted 90 points. Good luck!a

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