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Are you having anxiety that comes right before your exam? I know that feeling – butterflies in your stomach, a faster heart rate, and you can’t seem to concentrate. With so many thoughts and so many apprehensions running through your mind, you can barely keep up with what you’re doing at the moment.

This isn’t the first time anybody felt this way – and you’re not alone. This exam is important and your PTE preparation must be on point so you score great marks and get closer to your goals.

So why are you here? You’re looking for some useful tips, right? Read on for some last-minute PTE exam tips for a great test:

1. Time is Everything

In the last few days or even hours before the exam, value your time. While you do deserve a break to refresh your mind, try not to get distracted by unnecessary thoughts. Give yourself a break only when you feel you’ve reached a saturation point. But, otherwise, just focus on your PTE exam preparation.

During the exam – keep an eye on the clock and allot yourself time for every question. You know the format so assess how long each question should take. You cannot eat into the time of the question that comes next – this could land you in a soup at the last minute.

2. The Right Kind of Preparation

Don’t just read and learn. You must practice and answer just the way you would in the main exam. Every section is different. Reading requires practice in reading, listening requires audio practice – you must prepare to hear different voices, accents, and styles.

And the speaking section – this may have you worried. So practice answering questions by speaking them out and recording them. Then play the recording back to analyze how you speak. Read aloud and repeat sentence contribute enormously to overall PTE, so remember to practice them.

For the writing section – review for any typos or corrections. You wouldn’t want to lose marks in write essay, summarise spoken text or summarise written text due to spelling mistakes or poor grammar.

Think and write in English – and avoid translating.

3. Don’t Panic – Breathe

Panicking didn’t get anybody anywhere. And, if you have prepared well, there’s no reason to panic. What could be the worst-case scenario? A re-test? Is that the end of the world? No!

So take a deep breath – learn to meditate while preparing as well as appearing for the PTE exam. Make the best of your PTE exam preparation and while you’re at it don’t forget to breathe.

4. Don’t Be Late

The biggest nightmare would be to arrive late on the test day. It would put you in a panic mode, cause you undue stress and you’d end up losing focus on the test. Therefore, make it a point to reach on time.

5. Check Your Devices Before the Test Begins

Once you start with your test, you cannot have your microphone changed. So, check if your mic is working well beforehand. Speak, record, and play to see if your voice is clear.

PTE Practice

Speak full sentences and make sure the mic does not pick up your breathing or static sounds. Adjust till your voice sounds clear.

6. Expect a Noisy Classroom

You can expect the classroom to be noisy so train your mind to work around it. To get used to the sound, try practicing in a café or a public setting where you can learn to shut out the noise and concentrate on your questions.

And lastly… be confident. Stick to the word limit, keep an eye on the clock, take care of the typos and give it your best shot.

Good luck!

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