friend to look after house
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You are going away travelling for the summer. A friend is going to look after your house while you are away.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

• say where you are going

• describe your house

• explain some of the things your friend must do to look after your house

OET Writing

Dear Sarah,

Thank you very much for looking after my house during my holidays.

My family and I are going to fly to Brownsville on December 26. As you know we lived there for several years.

I will walk you through my house hoping that when you arrive you find it familiar.

Opening the door you’ll see a small living room. On the right side of the living room is a half bath, the laundry room and a closet.

Walking straight ahead from the entrance is the dinning room followed by the kitchen. Left to the kitchen is the family room. Across the dining room are the stairs. On the second floor we have three bedrooms and two baths.

The garden is right behind the kitchen. Please water the grass twice a week. Make sure that the back door remains locked before you leave. The dinning room window is kind of loose, please check it remains closed. Sometimes when it is too windy it opens a little bit. Turn the lights on and off aleatory to pretend someone is there. If you prefer to stay at my house than going back and forth, you are more than welcome. It is a very comfortable home.

friend to look after house

Thank you very much for your help.

Best wishes

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